Ramiro’s El Eternauta collection: from the passion for the collective hero to writing his own comic

Ramiro San Honorio is 42 years old and with his memory intact he remembers that when he was nine, in a newsstand in the Saavedra neighborhood, copies of “The Eternaut”. At that time, the famous cartoon of Hector German Oesterheldwhich was first published in 1957, was in colour, unlike the first edition which was in black and white.

At first, the magazine was bought by his brother Luis Rodrigo, who quickly infected him with a passion for reading, and Ramiro became a fan of that story that narrates an alien invasion in Buenos Aires and whose message is that the only hero is the party hero.

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“Deadly snowfall in Buenos Aires”, the first issue of El Eternauta. (Photo: TN / Nicolás González).

in dialogue with TN said that this color edition stopped publishing in chapter nineThat is why for years he was without knowing the end of the comic. “I spent many years not knowing how that story ended. So I started going through squares and bookstores, until I was able to get to the end of the story of El Eternauta through the Escorpio magazine, which published its publications in black and white. But I didn’t stop looking until I found it in color, which of course is part of my collection”.

From that first contact in his childhood with El Eternauta, whose character was represented by John SavedUntil now, the young man managed to put together a collection of about 350 copies among which treasures the first publication that was made in the magazine “Zero hour”, and the first copy he had in his hands: “Snowfall in Buenos Aires”. Its latest acquisition is from the end of 2022.

The publication of El Eternauta in 1959 in the Hora Cero magazine.  (Photo: TN / Nicolás González).

The publication of El Eternauta in 1959 in the Hora Cero magazine. (Photo: TN / Nicolás González).

In great detail, Ramiro explained that although El Eternauta I, II and III exist, his heart is in the first. “In The Eternaut IIOesterheld sent him the scripts over the phone to Solano López, the cartoonist. This was so because the author was persecuted to the last military dictatorshipand is one of the intellectuals missing”.

And he added that “after this episode appeared The Eternaut III written by Solano López with sketches that Oesterheld had left him”.

Saint Honorius is screenwriter and audiovisual academic director at UADE, and because of his profession he feels identified with the author and his character.

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“As a screenwriter I feel very identified first with the author, who until today, is one of the best screenwriters worldwide. And on the other hand also with the character because it represents a collective hero and in my profession you work a lot as a team and El Eternauta when I was nine years old taught me that things work out much better as a team and poses a challenge together”, he explained.

Ramiro San Honorio with part of his El Eternauta collection.  (Photo: TN / Nicolás González).

Ramiro San Honorio with part of his El Eternauta collection. (Photo: TN / Nicolás González).

The story of that neighbor from Buenos Aires who faces an alien invasion, was the one that caught Ramiro who continues to enjoy it to this day despite knowing the end. The likes of him are away from those swashbuckling superheroes of Hollywood.

Regarding this, the young man said that “I feel with a more absolute empathy to look more like Juan Salvo (El Eternauta) than Superman ”.

From “El Eternauta” to “Mariachis y Demonios”

Passionate about Argentine comics, Ramiro wrote his own. So he published “Mariachis and Demons”which linked him to El Eternauta since the cartoonist is Horace Lalia who worked with Oesterheld.

The story of San Honorio tells the story of “Mariachis” exorcists who go out through the towns to exorcise the “demons” that people have.

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"Mariachis and Demons", the comic that Ramiro San Honorio wrote.  (Photo: TN / Nicolás González).

“Mariachis and Demons”, the comic that Ramiro San Honorio wrote. (Photo: TN / Nicolás González).

Ramiro, the magician who managed to bring Los Simuladores together twice

The first time Ramiro managed to bring together the actors who played The Simulators It was during an exhibition Argentinian Comic Con where he was in charge of the guests and people asked for them.

But this was not the only one, since during the coronavirus pandemic he managed to Alejandro Fiore, Diego Peretti, Federico D’Elía and Martín Seefeld They will send you a video explaining to people the importance of complying with the quarantine.

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Regarding this, Ramiro recalled that “I was watching TN and I saw that people did not respect the quarantine, so I said to myself ‘this is a job for Los Simuladores’. So I contacted them, they took over, I sent them the script and they sent me the videos via WhatsApp, ”she recalled.

Ramiro San Honorio brought together Los Simuladores and recorded a sopt during the pandemic

Ramiro’s goal was for the The Simulators video went more viral than the virus and it finally happened. “The spot reached all of Latin America, making Los Simuladores leave a message of social responsibility,” he concluded.

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