Quorum launched a “delivery” of processed foods vacuum packed

Quorum Hotel will launch its Friday morning delivery of healthy meals made by your restaurant, delivered in vacuum-sealed bags, ready to eat or freeze.

Like the entire gastronomic and tourist sector, the Ciudad Empresarial hotel is affected by the extension of compulsory social isolation, set by the Nation to stop the advance of the coronavirus.

In this case, the staff cuisine led by chef Andrés Chaijale offers what he calls Quorum Go, a service of delivery of foods called “fifth range”, which can be kept fresh and guarantee their texture and organoleptic qualities for 12 days in the refrigerator and between three and six months in the freezer.

The hotel offers two alternatives. Seven meals for 2,030 pesos with portions for one person (290 pesos each pack) and 2,800 pesos with packs for two people (400 pesos per pack). It also has an option of 14 meals for 3,500 pesos with individual portions (250 pesos each pack) and 4,900 pesos (350 pesos the pack) with portions for two.

Dessert and drinks can also be included and corporate services are provided.

Quorum Go includes a dozen dishes, from Rioja-style pork to curried prawns with creamy rice. The menus are on its website and on its Facebook and Instagram pages.

The orders are made by Whatsapp; They are paid by card, Mercado Pago or bank transfer and are distributed on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10 am to 6 pm, although they can also be picked up at the hotel (La Voz del Interior al 7000).

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