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After attending the Bernadotte Library of the Royal Palace with Queen Silvia, Their Majesties offered a welcome to the swedish monarchs in the palace of the Spanish embassy in Stockholm with which they put the finishing touch to a very intense State Trip, which has also shown that their agenda is buoyant again, almost like before the pandemic.

As expected, Doña Letizia’s look was highly anticipated since it would be the last in her suitcase, and in view of how all her outfits have been carefully planned, it was doubtful whether on this occasion she would make another nod to Swedish fashion. or if on the contrary he would advocate the ‘made in Spain’ as in the previous hours, when he was seen wearing a Pedro del Hierro dress made exclusively.

Finally, he opted for the latter and did so by repeating a signature that he had already worn at the Welcome Ceremony, Cherubina. The Sevillian label made its headdress in the shape of a turban and has once again been chosen to complete its visit. A very elegant aqua green design that will probably inspire more than one person for Christmas events, thanks to its flattering pattern.

The Queen chose a wrap design from the firm Cherubina
The Queen chose a wrap design from Cherubina – © Gtres

The garment, midi cut and made of crepe, had wrap silhouette, one of His Majesty’s favorites – which also had not worn for several weeks – and a pronounced V neckline that crossed the chest to the waist. The shoulder pads for their part were slightly marked and contributed to even more balancing the figure and making it look even more stylized if possible.

As she did on the first day, she opted to add snakeskin accessories, in this case a designer’s wallet. Lidia Faro which she paired with black patent leather stilettos. He closed the outfit with the ring Karen hallam and white gold teardrop earrings and 432 black diamonds set by the brand deGRISGONO.

The Kings with the Swedish Royal Family
The Kings with the Swedish Royal Family – © Gtres

An anecdote marked the meeting, and that is Doña Letizia dropped her clutch as soon as she arrived, revealing its contents, although she was quite quick to pick it up. Like any woman, she carried a mobile phone and a lipstick to touch up. An ‘incident’ that has done nothing more than humanize his figure and that has been widely commented on.

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