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As established in their agenda, the State trip of the Kings to Sweden continues normally, taking place this morning the Welcome Ceremony by the monarchs Carlos Gustavo and Silvia of Sweden at the Royal Palace located in the city ​​center. A meeting in which the anthems of both countries and other actions imposed by the protocol have not been lacking.

If the night before Doña Letizia opted for a dress whose designer is unknown, today she preferred to turn to one of her favorite creators: Carolina Herrera. He has done it with a very successful style to face the low temperatures of the Nordic country without losing elegance.

She has opted for a red midi dress – one of her star shades that she already wore in her flying look – with a pencil silhouette that was covered by a cape that has taken center stage.

Doña Letizia has opted for a & # 039; total look & # 039;  by Carolina Herrera
Doña Letizia has opted for a ‘total look’ by Carolina Herrera – © Gtres

The camel-colored design stretched to the knee and included a comfortable fur collar, well suited to combat the morning cold. He has combined it with some stilettos also by Carolina Herrera, made in suede in the same tone with the matching platform, which blended with the color of the skin, making the leg look longer and more stylized. same signature, specifically the model Mini Dressage Insignia Stachel, available on the web at a price of € 940.

The Queen with Carlos Gustavo and Silvia of Sweden
The Queen with Carlos Gustavo and Silvia of Sweden – © Gtres

Minutes later, inside the palace, the details of the dress have been better appreciated, which featured a round neck and voluminous flared French sleeves that contrasted with the slightly tighter pattern.

Their Majesties together with the Monarchs of Sweden
Their Majesties with the Monarchs of Sweden – © Gtres

The final brooch has been put with a headdress of the Sevillian firm Cherubina, one of the favorites of the socialites to configure the guest looks and that His Majesty has already chosen on some occasion. A red headband in the shape of a turban and floral decorations on the side (the Giulia model, which currently sells for € 140) which gave her an ultra-sophisticated finish that contrasted with her brown hair. In order not to detract from it, she added some simple diamond-shaped teardrop earrings and her gold ring. Karen Hallam.

The headdress is from the firm Cherubina
The headdress is from the firm Cherubina – © Gtres

It should also be noted that the makeup has been very successful, with a game of reddish shadows to match her clothes and that contributed to give the outfit more strength.

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