Quarantine: they call for a “noise” against gender violence

In Argentina, a woman dies every 23 hours as a result of the sexist violence. And, within the framework of the social isolation decreed by the Government, those victims of gender violence they must live with their aggressors.

In the last ten days, 12 femicides, according to statistics from the collective Mujeres de la Matria Latinoamericana (MuMaLá). In the last 48 hours, five of them took place and one more is under investigation.

Given this, from various groups, NGOs and political parties They called a “noise” for this Monday, March 30 at 18, “on windows, balconies and terraces across the country.”

They call for a “noise” against gender violence for this Monday at 18 (Photo: Twitter / #AlertaFeminista)

“That the confinement does not silence us, we refuse to swallow the anger” or “Machismo does not quarantine“were some of the slogans that began to circulate on Twitter to call this call.

One of the publications that summon the
One of the publications calling for the “noise” on Monday 30 at 6:00 p.m. against gender violence (Photo: Twitter / #AlertaFeminista)

The claim is not just to ask justice for the victims, but also for demand that protection measures be strengthened of those women who suffer isolation with their aggressor.

This Sunday, Mumalá presented three proposals to the Ministry of Women, Genders and Diversity and asked that the emergency be declared. The group requested to facilitate complaints and protection measures, and to grant an economic subsidy to those victims of gender-based violence in vulnerable situations and to relatives of victims.

For its part, from the portfolio of Elizabeth Gómez Alcorta reported that line 144 continues to serve normally. Further, they added the mail and two numbers to communicate via WhatsApp (+54 11 2771-6463 / +54 11 2775 9047/48). The agency also launched a free application for cell phones.

The Ministry together with its Social Development partner included 270 women in a situation of gender violence in the We Make Future program to provide them social and economic assistance; and reported that union organizations union hotels were made available for extreme situations due to gender violence.

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(Photo: TN Web Infographic)
(Photo: TN Web Infographic)

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