Quarantine | The permit for those over 70 years of age applies from Monday: everything there is to know

People over the age of 70 must have a special permit from this Monday to be able to circulate in the city of Buenos Aires, as the Buenos Aires government chief Horacio Rodríguez Larreta ordered.

Adults over that age will have to process the authorization by phone to be able to go outside if they need to collect retirement benefits, go to the doctor or undergo flu vaccination.

The official measure reaches 490 thousand people over 70 years of age living in the City. Those who wish to access the special permit, which will last only 24 hours, will have to call line 147.

Announcing the restriction, Rodríguez Larreta explained at a press conference: “In Argentina, the average age of death from coronavirus is 71 years old and worldwide, eight out of ten are over 70 years old.”

The President of the Nation Alberto Fernández supported the measure from the head of the Buenos Aires government: “Do not take this as a grievance or an attack on freedom, but as something in which the State is taking care of you.”

Although the City may give them permission to leave the houses, the objective is that telephone operators find alternatives to the needs of older adults to avoid unnecessary circulation. So they added volunteers to the “Greater Care” program, for example, shopping for them at the supermarket.

In any case, if the person over the age of 70 insists on the need to go outside, the telephone operator It will request the DNI number and it will give you a procedure code to authorize it to circulate on the day.

The Buenos Aires Minister of Health, Fernán Quirós, He explained: “If in conversation with 147 we don’t convince you to solve the problem, I went out freely, but give us the opportunity to help you. “

This Sunday, Rodríguez Larreta wrote a letter on social networks to defend the initiative: “I can understand that the public communication of this measure was not clear when mentioning the word permission. But our intention always was, is and will be to help them take care of themselves.”

We do not seek to control them, much less restrict their freedom and its autonomy. We only ask them to call us before leaving so that we can offer them the alternatives that we have in the City to solve their needs, thus minimizing the exits and their risks, “he concluded.

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