Quarantine | The emotion of a man to meet his great-grandson after two months of isolation

In full quarantine, a very special family gathering touched everyone on social networks. Two months after her birth, a mother took his son to visit his great-grandfather’s house to see him for the first time. The moment was recorded in a video that captured the immense joy of the man, who could not contain the tears.

The images show the surprise of Robert seeing his great-grandson, Giovani Florencio, who immediately stared at him. Then she held him shyly and, chinstrap in between, kissed his cheeks.

However, the proud great-grandfather could not avoid the emotion and burst into tears while holding the baby against his chest. “What a beautiful thing! Thank you my life for giving me this great-grandchild. It is such a great joy, do you know how much I wanted it?” She asked her granddaughter.

In dialogue with TelenocheRoberto told how he felt when he saw Giovani for the first time. “I did not expect. What happens is that they had to give her the vaccine for two months and my daughter got her a room near my house. So they took advantage of the ‘flown’ to see him, “he began.

“When I grabbed him, like a normal creature, I kissed him and propped him against my chest. And I can’t explain what happened to me: it was a cry that came from inside me“he related.

Regarding the video, which did not take long to reap the positive reactions of everyone on social networks, he maintained: “With all the ugly things that are happening to us, it is good that we can share this thanks to new technologies

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