Quarantine | Shooting Star Rain: can be seen from tonight until April 30, anywhere on the planet

The obligatory quarantine deprives us of enjoying many activities, but at the same time nature gives us different phenomena to contemplate from home. During the night of this Friday, and until April 30, you can see a shooting star rain, known as “Lyrids

This time, this phenomenon, which happens every year during this time, will be much more visible thanks to the fact that it will take place simultaneously with the new Moon. This will make the sky darker and the shooting stars of the Lyrids easier to detect.

The Lyrids are meteors They are named after the Lira star constellation, which is in the quadrant of the sky where they can be seen. The characteristic that makes this astronomical phenomenon special has to do with the fact that the luminous trace that this meteor shower leaves in the sky can persist for a time, making it highly visible.

Lyrids are meteors named after the Lira star constellation. (Photo: EFE)

This “rain” can be observed Until April 30, and it is estimated that its greatest intensity will occur on the night of April 22, where it will be possible to admire in the sky a number of shooting stars that goes from 10 to 20 per hour, according to the website of the American Meteor Society.

It is worth clarifying, because it usually appears as a frequent question, that Lyrids can be seen from anywhere on the planet.

To observe them in an optimal way, the ideal is to have a small telescope. Anyway, it is not essential since they can also be seen with the naked eye.

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