Quarantine: mothers and fathers alone can take their children shopping

The head of the National Institute against Discrimination, Xenophobia and Racism (Inadi), Victoria Donda, spoke about the increase in cases of discrimination in the framework of the pandemic of coronavirus and he said that there were a lot of calls from mothers alone to which they were not allowed to enter the stores with their children. Faced with this, he clarified that if they have to go shopping and have no one to leave them with, can take them with them.

In dialogue with, the official explained that there is a clarification of the regulations that supports all parents who have to go outside to make a purchase and are alone with a minor. “The best thing is for the boy to stay at home, but it is good to clarify that if there is such a situation the mother or the father who is alone can go shopping accompanied by the child“he detailed.

An audiovisual material published on the Inadi social networks on April 12, explains: “If you are alone with children and you need to go shopping to supply your home, you can do itAnd he clarifies: “Remember before leaving that: it is important that they understand the measures of care and stay close to you and don’t touch anything. ”

In this post, the body also recommends bring the documentation that proves the link with this minor. “You don’t need anything else to justify your need to go out,” he remarks.

Finally, the Inadi requests: “Try to minimize these outputs and that the children stay at home. I followed the recommended care and sanitation measures to reduce exposure. “

Days ago, it emerged that Nicolás Cabré they threw him out of a supermarket because he had been accompanied by his daughter Rufina. The actor was serving quarantine with the 6-year-old girl and had no one to leave her with.

Faced with this case, Donda assures that all complaints they received in the body they are women. But the fact is the same: they come to the store and they are denied entry for being with children.

For the authority of the Inadi it is important to clarify that “The best thing is for the boy to stay home” and that “the criteria of parental care must be used”. This measure is for exceptional cases when parents are in dire need and have no one to leave their children with.

Let’s try not to fill the streets with children“Donda requested, clarifying that we must understand that we are in a quarantine situation and that by keeping them in our homes we are protecting them.”If we have no other and we have to go shopping, let’s get them out with all the necessary care: masks, that they do not move away from you, that they do not touch anything, “he remarked.

Faced with these complaints, the official acknowledged that after the pandemic “there is a lot of discrimination against boys and girls“who look at them” as if they were the plague “and reminded society that” they are the future of this country and we must take care of it. “

Coronavirus and discrimination

Victoria Donda acknowledged that before the arrival of the coronavirus in the country complaints of discrimination increased, not only to patients with the disease, but to nurses, nurses, doctors, doctors and mothers who go with their sons and daughters to buy.

“If you go a little bit through the close history of society, it is also not so rare that in times of emergency fear causes a small part of society to come out with the worst and not the best,” clarified the Inadi authority in dialogue with Radio Rivadavia. In this context, he recalled how they isolated leprosy patients or how they threw people with HIV out of their jobs.

“I believe that society today has the ability to choose whether it will be a violent society or a solidarity society. The only possibility we have to beat this virus is with solidarity“he sentenced.

Donda states that “fear grows with ignorance“So it is important for people to be informed.”The only tool we have is solidarity and another very important is information, which has to be of good quality. There’s a lot fake news turning, people who say anything, “he warned.

In the framework of social, preventive and compulsory isolation, Inadi received complaints of all kindsboth of discrimination as related to the racism. For example, from Chinese citizens who are seeking to prevent them from continuing to live in their homes.

However, the head of the agency recognized that still they do not have the possibility to sanction or fineBut they do “suggest that they do workshops in order to have a more democratic life in society”.

To respond faster under quarantine, they enabled two lines of WhatsApp so that complaints can be made at the time the events occur.

Beyond these acts, Donda assured that “yes, as the worst thing in human beings comes out, the best comes out as well” and that there are many volunteers who are helping their neighbors and people who began to hang posters recognizing health personnel in the buildings.

Older adults: complaints to Larreta

In front of the resolution that will govern from Monday the 20th by means of which adults over 70 years of age must obtain a permit to circulate through the City of Buenos Aires, Victoria Donda assured: “We have many complaints about the Larreta measure, we are studying them legally. ”

For the owner of the Inadi the message was poorly planned. “If you ask me, they should say ‘stay at home’, let’s find the necessary networks so they don’t have to go out and buy,” he acknowledged.

“Alberto Fernández already spoke and the decision it’s a suggestion that they stay at home, it is the population that is most at risk, we are not at the peak. I think there may be better ways to communicate this, “he said.

In this sense, Donda stated that those over 70 “have the right to go shopping, taking all precautions of the case “, but clarified that we are experiencing a pandemic and that we are entering winter, so we must take care of ourselves.

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(Photo: TN Web Infographic)
(Photo: TN Web Infographic)

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