Quarantine: Is it safe to order food at home?

With the extension of the quarantine, food is once again at the center of the scene and what has until now become a new routine needs a different boost. One of the options that arises is delivery. But How safe is it to order food at home?

It has been shown that the virus is not spread through food, but in the preparations delivered by delivery, the risk passes through the human factor. If a waiter or a food delivery person is sick, at first glance it cannot be verified, but when being in contact with that person already implies a risk.

Extreme cleaning in commercial kitchens (Photo Shutterstock)

To avoid contagion, the different gastronomic establishments have been implementing internal protocols which contemplate:

– Use chinstraps in the kitchen.

– Disinfect the bags that are delivered in the deliveries.

– Ask the delivery men to take the bags by the sides instead of the handles.

– Leave the orders at the doors of the homes.

– Recommend that payments be made by card through the web pages of delivery sites instead of cash.

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