Quarantine: a neighbor from La Boca went up to the terrace of his house and found an otter

The social distancing has allowed animals to win the streets of the world. Thus, sheep, cows, penguins or sea lions have been seen in different cities of the country. In Mouth, a neighbor showed on Twitter that he found an otter on his terrace.

“Well the new neighbor is still on the roof, we fed him, the police came. La Boca, you wouldn’t understand, “wrote the user with humor on the social network.

“Luchito”As the five friends who live in the house located on Pinzón Street, between Hernandarias and Patricios, decided to baptize him, he appeared on Wednesday around noon, he was friendly and ate the vegetables they offered him.

As explained by the user, when seeing the rodent The first thing he did was call 147 and from the attention line of the Buenos Aires Government they sent him to the police. Then, Civil Defense arrived at the place but the animal managed to escape and hid among the branches of a tree.

A woman explained in the comments that it is not a real otter, but that it is a coypu, also known as false otter. “They are harmless and water (baths, rivers and streams).”

Civil Defense told the owner of the house that surely the animal came from the reserve area, which is about 30 blocks from where it was found.

“The people of Civil Defense said that they were going to contact the people of the reserve so that they come, while they are walking through the party walls,” the user said late at night.

From the Argentine Biodiversity Foundation assured that “the coipos are usually confident“but they alerted the neighbor to be careful when approaching, since” his incisors are very strong and can bite to defend itself

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