Prepaid must cover their affiliates’ newborns free of charge

The Government ordered that the children of affiliates to social works and prepaid born from February 20 of this year they must be incorporated into the medical coverage of their parents. The measure is exceptional and provisional, for the mandatory quarantine.

The provision, published this Thursday in the Official bulletin, establishes that parents will be able to do the registration process in a simple and without presenting the baby’s National Identity Document, since it cannot be processed now because the public offices are closed.

They just need to present the Birth Certificate or Medical Certificate issued by the public or private management healthcare establishment.

The objective, according to the resolution, is to guarantee “the health care of all beneficiaries and users in this exceptional context of health and social crisis unprecedented world

In this sense, it establishes that the Health Insurance Agents and the Prepaid Medicine Entities “shall incorporate, provisionally and for the term of up to 45 days after at the end of the period of social, preventive and compulsory isolation established by Decree No. 297/20 and its possible extensions, to the daughters and sons of affiliates and regular members born from February 20, 2020, with the sole accreditation of birth and kinship “.

In the case of mothers whose social work or prepaid has covered labor, they will not have to present no documentation.

When the isolation ends, in order for the child to retain medical coverage, the parents must process the DNI with the Renaper and present it. In case of not doing so, the provision clarifies that entities may order the provisional suspension of the affiliation of the minor until the documentation that proves your identity is completed. “In the case of the Prepaid Medicine Entities, the lifting of the provisional suspension foreseen in the previous paragraph will not constitute a new affiliation,” the text adds.

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