Popocatépetl volcano today May 25: weak gas emissions and ash dispersion towards Morelos are reported

Civil Protection asked not to approach “Don Goyo”

Because this volcano has been active since 1994, in that year the population was prohibited from climbing “Don Goyo”, since its activity is unpredictable.

“The volcano throws incandescent rocks that hit the slopes and move at high speed. Some can reach the size of a car”, detailed the CNPC.

For this reason, people have been asked to take care and respect the 12 kilometer restriction area.

According to the most recent reports from the General Coordination of Civil Protection (CNPC) in Puebla, the Popocatepetl ash It could continue its dispersion during the last hours towards the southwest of the state and could even reach some areas of Morelos at an altitude of 500 meters.


Written by Argentina News

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