Podemos is ‘inspired’ by Ana Rosa Quintana to promote a law for media directors and presenters to publish their economic interests

Ione Belarra, general secretary of Podemos, and the journalist Ana Rosa Quintana. (Europe Press)

Podemos is working on a law so that the directors of the media and also their main faces, such as television presenters, have the obligation to make their sources of income public “so that the public knows with transparency the interests of who decide the editorial of these media”. The party, according to sources consulted by the EFE agency, focuses on those responsible for programs with political content.

According to the norm that develops the training led by Ione Belarra, all of them must disclose their holdings in any type of company, listed or not, specifying the economic activity they carry out and especially including companies that work in strategic sectors. In particular, Podemos refers to companies that operate in areas that affect fundamental rights such as health, education, care or housing.

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Likewise, these managers of relevant media and spaces must indicate any invoicing that they carry out directly or indirectly with other companies or the public administration.

From Podemos they assure that the impulse of this law arose as a result of listening to the journalist Ana Rosa Quintana -who fulfills both roles, presenter and director- assuring in April in her program that with the new Housing Law, which comes into force this Friday, “the squatters, who do not pay VAT or IBI, will have it a little easier” . Those of Belarra remember the information of Tide which reveals that Quintana owns 44 tourist apartments.

For the party, this journalist’s is an “obvious example of conflict of interest” and that her opinion, in this case on the Housing Law, is contaminated by her personal circumstances. Belarra herself has answered Quintana’s statement about the squatters on Twitter: “No, Ana Rosa, who is going to have a little more difficult with the Housing Law are those who want to do business with housing, like you.”

Tide specifies that Quintana owns the Slow Suites brand, through which her business group manages 44 tourist apartments in exclusive areas of Madrid and Seville.

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