Peugeot CEO reveals how the 0km sale quarantine will impact

Gabriel Cordó Miranda, number one of the PSA group in the country, anticipates the consequences this parate will have on his company and on the automotive sector

Almost a month ago, the activity of the automakers was paralyzed both in Argentina and in the rest of the markets.

The pandemic that threatens the world hit them squarely, and since it was not considered an essential activity, although millions of people are employed, the blinds had to be “lowered”.

Decisions about when the sector will start up again change minute by minute. Meanwhile, the brands are reprogramming the plans for the rest of the year and evaluating the changes that this isolation will leave in the industry.

In Argentina, the PSA group (Peugeot-Citroën-DS) is an important player, and even more so in 2020, when he planned to launch, in the month of May approximately, the new Peugeot 208 of national manufacture.

This model, the best-selling car from León in the local market, will be produced from now on in El Palomar, although it will have to wait a few more months to come to light.

The truth is that, despite the context, the project is still standing, and it was Gabriel Cordó Miranda, CEO of the PSA group, who explained how he sees this new scenario and what state his projects are in.

This is how “number 1” answered three key questions asked by iProfessional:

iP: What effects in the short and medium term will this pandemic have on the group’s brands?

GCM: In the short term, what we see is a paralysis total financial income due to the lack of commercial and logistical activity, particularly regarding 0km cars.

When the pandemic has been controlled we will resume the rhythm of our projects, so that we are confident in our strength in the medium term.

iP: How do you think it will affect the branch of activity in which your company operates, that is, the automotive company?

GCM: In the sector in general, I believe that it will serve to further strengthen some modalities regarding the purchase process, to progress in what we call full e-commerce, which in 0km was not growing too much.

I hope the same for home deliveries and delivery-valet services for after sales.

iP: How do you see the actions of the Government so far and what would you recommend or need from the officials?

GCM: We do not make value judgments in that regard. It is an extremely delicate moment, and we are concerned with adapting to circumstances.

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