Pérez Companc tops classic cars online: how much are they worth?

The Pérez Companc family is known in the motorsport world for having a series of high-value classic vehicles. How much they cost

It is no secret that Gregorio “Goyo” Pérez Companc has a large collection of classic cars, which is located in the house-museum that the family that owns the Molinos company has in Escobar. Now, two of those exclusive vehicles went on sale in an unusual way for high-value classic parts: through simple notices on the e-commerce site. Free market.

The fact is that many will be surprised to see among the publications of the site a Mercedes Benz 300 Convertible Adenauer from the year 1953. The brief announcement details that it is an “exclusive luxury car in the 1950s.”

Mercedes Benz: the classic grill of the German brand in the 50s.

At the wheel: full-full equipment from 1953.

At the wheel: full-full equipment from 1953.

It is a spectacular stamping naphtero that is in impeccable condition and that claims to have only 12,000 km traveled on it. The engine is 3-liter 115 horsepower.

The cost is no less than $ 180,000. To know more about “presidential” and, directly, buy it, you have to shop around the notice published in this link.


The interior of the Mercedes: “maximum luxury in the 50s”.

Italian sports

Another of the Pérez Companc jewels found in Mercado Libre is a Maserati 3500 GT Coupé of the year 1964, in excellent condition and with 83,000 km.

Maserati: design and power for $ 320,000.

Maserati: design and power well Italian style.

Far from the stately appearance of the Mercedes Benz 300 Adenauer, the 3500 GT will stand out in any context with its red paint and bold sporty look.

The interior is very well preserved.

The interior is very well preserved.

However, to sit behind the wheel of the Maserati and feel its 235 horses when you step on the accelerator you have to be willing to shell out $ 320,000. The notice with the details can be found at this link.


Power: 235 horsepower propels this lightweight coupe. And, of course, no electronic aids.

Taste for business and motorsports

Another item for sale attributed to the Perez Companc family is a trailer for transporting vehicles (which would be very useful for those who decide to purchase one of the ones detailed above). It is a four-wheel transport and built in aluminum that sells for $ 11,500.

The Pérez Companc family owns a remarkable collection in Escobar. However, the so-called “museum” is not open to the public.

However, there are not few occasions in which some of their specimens have been presented in exhibitions, as has been the case of Autoclassical.

Also, The Pérez Companc owns in Escobar a sophisticated private circuit, endowed with many variations and which, according to experts, could be one of the best in the country. However, it is not open to the public either, but the owners of Molinos and their guests give it a private use. There, most likely, the Mercedes Benz Adenauer and the Maserati 3500 GT have deployed their power, which are now for sale.

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