Orange to donate $ 20 million to fight coronavirus

Naranja will donate 20 million pesos for the fight against the coronavirus in Argentina, which will be shared equally between Cáritas Argentina, the Argentine Network of Food Banks and the Argentine Red Cross.

In addition, he called his clients to accompany this initiative during April, making their contributions on the page There they can make a one-time donation to the organization they want.

On this site, those who are not card customers can also make their donation through a CVU generated by Naranja X for each organization, allowing anyone in the country to contribute directly from their bank account or from any virtual wallet.

According to the company, the aliases are: cruzroja.naranjax, Alimentos.naranjax and caritas.naranjax. Then Naranja will match the total amount raised in a new donation to these institutions.

The idea is to provide funds for food, sanitary material and community assistance for vulnerable families.

“We put people at the center, we believe that one of the most significant solutions is community-based and that is why we join three organizations to tackle the problem in a comprehensive way,” said Alejandro Asrin, president of Naranja.

In this regard, Diego Tipping, president of the Argentine Red Cross, announced that the idea is security kits for humanitarian personnel, volunteers and medical personnel on the ground.

The Argentine Food Bank Network, meanwhile, will strengthen the delivery of food and hygiene and cleaning products to the 3,400 dining rooms and picnic areas that attend, according to its executive director Natascha Hinsch.

Meanwhile, Juan Pablo Gasme, coordinator of Institutional Development of Cáritas Argentina, reported that the funds will apply to a sanitary module, the purchase of an ambulance and more than 5,000 bags of food for vulnerable families.

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