Opening of the Soybean of July 5

Opening session on the rise for Soy, which is quoted at ARS 16,000, which represented an increase of 0.63% compared to the number of the previous day, when it marked 15,900 ARS.

With respect to previous days, accumulates three successive sessions of earnings. The volatility figure is visibly lower than that accumulated in the last year, therefore its price is showing less changes than usual recently.

If we consider the data for the last week, the Soy record a promotion of 3.23%.

At the opening of the trading session marks maximum values ​​of the last year.

International soybean values

The current price of Soy in Chicago is from $ 891 per ton, according to the latest data dated July 5.

As for the future values ​​of soybeans, in the current month its price stands at $ 0 in Chicago and in $ 329.51 in the following month. In the same way, soybean futures in Argentina stand at 229 weight for this month and in 230.5 facing next month.

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