Only with “delivery”, the retail trade resumed sales

The retail trade of Córdoba, in all its areas, was enabled yesterday to return to activity, but only under the modality delivery.

This was confirmed by the Minister of Production, Eduardo Accastello, offering details on how the national resolution that now allows this activity and that of 10 other items will work in practice in the province.

While it still remains to define details to start up exporting industries and productive sectors (also included in the resolution), retail trade has already traced the path to resume activity.

“Businesses can sell to the public without contact: via telephone or digital, and by making home delivery without contact; since they cannot open their premises to the public, ”said Accastello.

According to the minister, they do not require any additional authorization or authorization to do so. They must, however, resolve home delivery with a sanitary receipt (without contact) and plan the necessary logistics.


With the new resolution, merchants are enabled to access their stocks of merchandise, whether they are in premises or in warehouses. Both for this and to complete deliveries they can do the express process of obtaining circulation permits via sworn declaration on the website that the Nation enabled for this purpose.

This permission is the one requested in the controls carried out by the Police on the street.

Accastello specified that within the province trade with delivery via delivery it was also enabled, although framed in the resolutions that each municipality has been applying to the activity.

“Some have time slots enabled for home delivery; others allow store openings from 8 to 17, among other options. I have already been in communication with many mayors and they are working on the subject ”; he pointed. And he added that the Province distributed a sanitary protocol regarding the modes of delivery of the merchandise.

With the new measure, all retail trade accesses a possibility that until now only gastronomy and essential activities had enabled.

Accastello estimated that the total universe of retail stores in the province amounts to about 130 thousand. In the new scenario, the ministry highlighted the performance of the website to buy and sell free access that enabled the Province seven days ago.

“There are already 5,800 registered businesses. Joining is very simple, it has no cost and allows businesses to meet an increasing number of consumers who are also using the platform, ”Accastello revealed.


From the Córdoba Commercial Federation (Fedecom) and the Córdoba Chamber of Commerce (CCC), they valued the measure and highlighted the response they had from the State to the request to generate movement in the sector.

Both entities had requested the Province to start commercial activity, after the national government ordered on Friday April 10 to extend the quarantine until next Thursday.

“The measure is in line with what was requested, that is, begin to resume economic activity,” said José Viale, president of the CCC, who nonetheless admitted that the implementation of home sales only represents a “minimum palliative” for the sector.

The same evaluation was made by Ezequiel Cerezo, president of Fedecom. “It is a minimal help so that some invoicing can be made, it is difficult to have the doors closed,” he assured.

For the Red de Comerciantes Unidos, a virtual community with more than 300 businesses in the province, the remote delivery method is impossible to apply to small businesses. “Those who have a sales channel on line developed may make some sales. The rest will continue to be closed and further weaken their permanence in the activity, “warned Abigail Riccioni, a merchant and member of the network, whose members have been demanding the granting of zero-rate loans to pay their suppliers.

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