On the rise, the informal currency closed very close to its all-time high

He dollar blue quoted in Córdoba at $498 for sale, one peso more than at the close of Tuesday, and two below its all-time high. In the city of Buenos Aires the blue dollar traded at $493.

Historical value of the blue dollar

On Tuesday, April 25, the blue rose to $497 in Buenos Aires and $500 in Córdoba, its all-time high.

Blue dollar memes.

Dollar exchange rate blue In cordoba

In Córdoba, the dollar blue closed at $498 to sell and $490 to buy.

blue dollar quote

  • DOLLAR BAG $ 462.04

What are financial dollars: CCL and MEP

Financial dollars are those that can be purchased through financial operations.

On the one hand, the dollar Cash with Liquidation (CCL), which is what is obtained by buying bonds in pesos and then selling that bond abroad, in exchange for dollars (an account in another country is needed).

DOLLAR.  In 1996, the United States changed the design of the $100 currency, incorporating elements of greater security.  (

While the MEP (or Stock Market) dollar is the one that is obtained with bonds in pesos, but in the country.

Currently, companies that need dollars must buy them on the Stock Market. For the treasury, it is “harmful tax planning.”

what is the dollar blue

It is called dollar blue to the “informal” version of the currency. It can be obtained outside the market, in caves and money changers who work without the control of the Central Bank.

Its sale does not have a stock, as does the savings dollar, and it is generally considered a “thermometer” of the political and economic uncertainties that the country is experiencing.

As is known, the dollar blue It usually has a higher price in inland cities, such as Córdoba, than in the country’s capital.

Dollar-savvy sources blue They affirm that it is a small market, in which it is possible to influence with little money. Thus, in moments of tension, “friendly hands” are called upon to lower the price.

Another dollar trap

The increase from 35% to 45% of the perception on account of taxes on Income and Personal Assets for operations with cards destined for consumption in dollars in trips and expenses abroad has been in force for several months, according to what provided by the Federal Administration of Public Revenues (Afip) in general resolution 5232/2022 published this Thursday in the Official Gazette.

DOLLAR.  In 1996, the United States changed the design of the $100 currency, incorporating elements of greater security.  (

This situation generated a split between the “tourist” dollar (more expensive) and the “savings” dollar (which can be accessed monthly, with a limit of US$ 200).

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