North Korea boasts of its “brilliant success” against the coronavirus (KCNA)

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un welcomed the “brilliant success” achieved, according to him, by his country in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, the official KCNA agency reported on Friday.

He did so during a Workers’ Party meeting dedicated on Thursday to the impact of the virus. The country closed the borders and kept thousands of people in isolation for six months.

“We have carefully prevented the spread of this malignant virus” and maintained “a stable anti-epidemic situation despite the global health crisis,” he said, according to the agency.

It is a “brilliant success achieved thanks to the far-sighted leadership of the party central committee and the strong spirit of volunteerism shown by all those who move as one following the orders of the party central committee,” he said.

The nation must “remain on high alert,” particularly because of new outbreaks that have emerged in “neighboring countries,” he warned.

“It has repeatedly repeated that a hasty lifting of the anti-epidemic measures would lead to an unimaginable and irreparable crisis,” said KCNA.

Pyongyang has not reported any cases of covid-19. Experts doubt that there were none because the virus appeared in neighboring China and spread to all continents.

A UN expert warned last month of increasing food insecurity as a result of border closures.

Before the coronavirus crisis, it was already considered that more than 40% of the population was food insecure, with many cases of malnutrition.

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