“No one remembers us anymore”, the claim from travel agencies to the Government

Travel agencies urgently ask to be heard by the national government given the situation the sector is going through, with the 30% tax on the dollar, the sharp drop in sales in the midst of quarantine and with the country practically paralyzed by the advance of the pandemic.

Self-convened Travel Agents from Argentina He returned to send a letter to the Minister of Tourism and Sports of the Nation, Matías Lammens, in order to obtain a response on what measures can benefit the sector.

The letter

Mr. Minister of Tourism and Sports of the Nation, Dr. Matías Lammens

Mr. Undersecretary for Institutional Relations and International Cooperation, Lic. Leandro Balasin

Today a month ago we were received at the Ministry of Tourism.

Three and a half months ago that our activity plummeted, with the implementation of 30% of the solidarity tax; Furthermore, we are working piece-by-piece and contributing silently from our homes so that each client who was and still is abroad has containment and response from us (whether they have bought from us or not … or have bought their ticket on a virtual platform that today does NOT provide any help or answer).

For a month, we have frequently sent requests for help to our sector of sole proprietorships or family businesses and it has been too long since ANYONE remembers us … or at least they do not provide us with concrete answers.

Will they ever hear our request?

Do you consider that many agencies have ONLY this source of income since it is the only activity?

After so long, we request a gesture from you towards us, some favorable response, some measure that shows us and that really makes us feel that we are Argentine.

Self-convened Travel Agents from Argentina.

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