“No one asked the US for compensation for AIDS”

An Asian government official charged the US administration and claimed that China is a victim of the virus, “not a perpetrator.”

A Chinese spokesman on Monday denounced some US politicians, including President Donald Trump, who say they will sue the Chinese side for provoking the worldwide spread of COVID-19, and asked them to stop attacking and blaming China “for nothing. “

The virus is a common enemy of humanity that can strike anytime, anywhere. Like other countries, China is also a victim, not a perpetrator, much less an accomplice to COVID-19, “Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said at a press conference.

Geng said China has taken the most comprehensive, rigorous and comprehensive measures to contain COVID-19 in an open, transparent and responsible spirit.

“China has made enormous sacrifices, accumulated valuable experience and made significant contributions to the global response. The international community is witnessing and applauding China’s efforts and progress,” he said.

In the face of major public health crises and infectious diseases, the international community must be supportive and work together, instead of resorting to mutual accusations or demanding retribution or accountability, he said.

“H1N1 flu emerged in the United States and spread to more than 214 countries and regions in 2009, resulting in nearly 200,000 deaths. Has anyone asked the United States for compensation?Geng asked.

In the 1980s, AIDS was first discovered in the United States and then spread to the world. Has anyone asked the United States to take responsibility for this?“The spokesperson continued.

The spokesperson also mentioned the financial turmoil that occurred in the United States in 2008 that eventually evolved into a global financial crisis.

“Has anyone asked the American side to bear the consequences?” Geng asked.

“The United States has to understand that its enemy is the virus, not China,” he said. “Attacking and discrediting other countries will not make up for time or lost lives.”

“We hope that the American side respects the facts, the science and the international consensus, and that it stops attacking and blaming China for anything, that it stops making irresponsible statements, and instead focuses on fighting the epidemic at home and in promote international cooperation, “he added.

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