Narda Lepes, surprised by Samanta’s alleged fraud of “Bake Off”: “It is not much better than the rest”

Narda Lepes (Photo: Infobae file)

Narda Lepes he got into the controversy that surrounds Bake Off Argentina. The program that is broadcast by the Telefe signal was on the rise and looking at everyone from above, planning on a rating that allows it to lead its time slot every Sunday. The controversy does not alter its success: on the contrary, its numbers were on the rise in the last broadcast. There is a certain nasty whiff in the room and it is not exactly emanating from a cake that was left out of the refrigerator.

Samanta Casais, one of the finalists, is one of the serious candidates to take first place on Sunday, when the grand final takes place. However, complaints weigh on her that put her in the eye of the storm. The most transcendent says that She is a professional pastry chef and has been practicing since her adolescence. The contest regulations clarify that only amateurs can participate. There is no room for doubt in that.

From the production they stated that a thorough review was made of all the applicants and that this leak took them by surprise. Against the clock, because the program was recorded last year, they are looking for a way to put a cloak of transparency on the issue. For now, the public took a stand and is looking for letters to be taken on the matter.

As announced by Turner, the producer of the program, the grand finale will be broadcast as recorded, but in the event that it is determined that Samanta cheated, would be disqualified at the end.

Samanta from “Bake Off”

Beyond the regulations, there is another part that has already been marked with fire. Lovers of the kitchen and professionals of the heading got into the subject to give an opinion, a point of view. In this, Narda was sharp and lethal. He did not walk around when referring to the participant in question and that today is on everyone’s lips.

Lepes, with a long career as a chef and cook, gave his opinion on the subject in Confronted, The Nine’s show. In response to the pertinent consultation, she began to ignore the topic: “At some point I had to do some, I also participated in MasterChef Uruguay, and sometimes in the one here. The truth is that I found out about all of this through Twitter, through people’s comments. I don’t follow it because on Sunday nights I watch movies at home and I’m not very aware

Immediately they put it in context, they told him what had happened and the rumors that weigh on Samantha. Hearing that the young woman would be a professional, she began to comment without a filter and using sarcasm. She had no mercy and even hinted that if she really is an expert on the subject, she leaves a lot to be desired. He explained that it is not a great annoyance that he is there because he does not make a difference with the rest of the contestants who did comply with the rule of not being professional.

“It would be a problem if it is ten times better, but what I have been seeing on Twitter, what the fans say, is not ten thousand times better than the rest. I do not know if it is true, but it is not that it is Pamela or Damián (Villar and Betular, members of the jury), who makes the sculptures. As much as I win. “

To close, he aimed against realities and the exposure that participants gain. “Here, what happens is that when you have become known on cable channels, everything is slow and gives you time to prepare. When you meet on reality, it all comes together. So you don’t have time to read the fine print


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