Mystery in Córdoba: the whole family of the 3-year-old boy is retested with coronavirus

A series of unresolved questions revolve around the case of the three-year-old boy who tested positive for coronavirus last Tuesday in the city of Córdoba. In the midst of an almost total secrecy, the health team is surprised because until now the tests carried out on the boy’s closest environment -the mother and the brothers- they tested negative, even though everyone had close contact with him.

The sanitary authorities of the province decided to redo the swabs to the entire family group and also to the baby. to corroborate the results. The tests were sent to the Central Laboratory of the Province and it is expected that the results will be known tonight when the daily health report is issued.

Meanwhile, the boy is in very good health. He no longer has a fever and remains isolated in the Children’s Hospital to avoid possible infections and difficulties that arose to find a suitable place for recovery.

It is that the boy is from the Nuestro Hogar III neighborhood and lives in a very humble house in the company of a large group of family members.

Since the positive COVID-19 test was known, eleven blocks from the neighborhood were isolated by the security forces, among them the Army, in an operation coordinated by the COE, the Córdoba Emergency Operations Center.

The authorities decreed a “sanitary blockade” in the neighborhood. (Photo: Government of Córdoba)

further other blocks in a neighboring neighborhood were isolated in which part of the family group spent one night.

Until now, the inhabitants of both areas have respected the obligatory isolation and there were no inconveniences in the place.

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