Mysterious disappearance of the former private secretary of Cristina Kirchner who declared as repentant in the cause of the notebooks

Cristina Kirchner’s former private secretary, Fabian Gutiérrez, is intensely sought by the policeman Santa Cruz In the town of El Calafate. According to reports, the man was last seen yesterday, Thursday, and this afternoon his wallet was reportedly found by members of the security force.

As detailed to Infobae, Gutiérrez’s truck was found with broken glass and his jacket, with blood stains, was in the vehicle, as were the keys to his house. Meanwhile, during the operation they found Gutiérrez’s cell phone on the site of a construction site and when they searched the home of the former Kirchner secretary, the place was in disarray. The portal Opi Santa Cruz He also revealed that the search began after his relatives crossed information and confirmed that his whereabouts were unclear.

Judge Carlos Narvarte maintained that “no body” was found in Gutiérrez’s house and traces were lifted to determine what happened inside the house in the last hours since “Some indications could account for an illegal act”. About 23 o’clock he anticipated that a raking will begin and other measures will be carried out that he did not want to anticipate. The judge maintained that he does not have confirmation of the appearance of a jacket stained with blood. The prosecutor in the case is Natalia Mercado, daughter of Governor Alicia Kirchner.

Later, the magistrate confirmed that blood stains and pieces of seals were found in the house of the disappeared person. In addition, he stressed that he is “devoted to the search for the body” to “be able to constitute a hypothesis.”

Likewise, sources close to the investigation announced that at the moment there are three delays for this cause, among which is a 20-year-old man who would have been the last person to see Gutiérrez.

Former marriage secretary Kirchner was processed last November, without preventive detention for aggravated money laundering, as a result of several suspicious operations linked to illegal collection maneuvers in the cause of the driver’s “notebooks” Oscar Centeno.

Part of the money coming from the illicit perpetrated by that illicit association, was received by Héctor Daniel Muñoz and Víctor Fabián Gutiérrez, and then it was put into circulation in the market in order to appear to be of legal origin”, Considered the federal judge Claudio Bonadio. “The link with said association exceeds that of a mere private secretary”, such as Gutiérrez was, “being able to affirm based on objective indications that he would have received money from said gang and then put it into circulation in the market, trying to give it a lawful appearance ”, Indicated the judge in his ruling.

In the statement of last October before Judge Bonadio and Prosecutor Carlos Stornelli, the former secretary revealed that Cristina Kirchner was called “the crazy” or the “mare” because “nobody wanted to work with her.” He told how much money he spent on purchases when he went on an official trip, how he ended up resigning because the former President rebuked him for having gone to the bathroom and why former Planning Minister Julio De Vido “hated her”. He also detailed what the fundraising meetings were like at the end of each day, where the former officials arrived with their bags or backpacks to deliver to Nestor Kirchner. And he raised the suspicions of the vaults that were in the houses of the then presidential marriage.

The details of the statement that made Gutiérrez a defendant-collaborator and allowed him to be released:

His arrival at the Kirchners was thanks to his grandmother: “My grandmother was a cadre within the Justicialista Party. As a result of this, Néstor Kirchner takes me to the military. And then to work in the governorate. With the 2003 presidential campaign, he went to work at the Santa Cruz house in Buenos Aires with Valerio Martínez, Daniel Muñoz and Miriam Quiroga. We were working for the campaign. Once the elections were won, I went on to serve as assistant secretary to the president. ”

Change of plans: “A week after the presidential inauguration, Kirchner summoned me to his office and told me that my specific task would be to accompany the First Lady and National Senator Cristina Fernández de Kirchner at all times. I did not receive that task very gladly given the strong character that Cristina had. No one wanted to work with her. Among the secretaries we nicknamed her ‘la loca’, ‘la mare’ and another term that I don’t want to mention for gender reasons. ”

Bags vs. Backpacks: “I remember that sometimes when she left the Senate we would go to the Casa Rosada. As first lady, she had an office located near Nestor. On those occasions, which were at night around 21:30, I could see that José López and (Ricardo) Jaime went to see Kirchner. José López more frequently and carrying bags. Regarding Jaime, it was frequent to see him with a backpack. I always wore a backpack. ”

The visitors: “Julio De Vido frequented the Casa Rosada at around 7pm. López had a closer relationship with Néstor Kirchner. What’s more, it did not pass through De Vido. Once Kirchner, López, Jaime and De Vido had met without distinction, with what these people brought, Muñoz left by land. I clarify that I never saw De Vido bring anything because he came earlier. Only after those meetings did we go with Dr. Kirchner, Néstor Kirchner and (the former Legal and Technical Secretary of the Presidency, Carlos) Zannini by helicopter, generally to Olivos. ”

Without seeing, it was money: “I want to clarify that although I never saw the content of the bags that the mentioned people brought, my perception and the comment of the secretaries was that they brought in collection. I stress again that this is a conjecture of mine also based on comments that were heard. These circumstances were also witnessed by Daniel Álvarez, who after all this also came with us in the helicopter. ”

Bags with padlock: “Daniel Muñoz, most of the trips, carried suitcases with a padlock. He was the only one who touched them and stood with them in the back of the plane passing the presidential area between the room that journalists used to use and the kitchen. He did it in a reserved way. I did not see the contents of those suitcases but it was commented and I also thought that they contained money. The luggage of the presidential couple traveled in the hold of the plane. I remember that on those trips when we arrived at the El Calafate residence, when Muñoz arrived, Néstor Kirchner made us withdraw. ”

The vaults?: “In that house I did not see vaults but there was a place down the stairs where there was a closed white plate door where we always said among the secretaries that ‘there was the story’, in relation to the place where the aforementioned packages could be kept. It was the only place in that house to which I had no access, being that I moved freely throughout the house. In other words, when the Kirchners arrived from a flight, we all went to the house and soon after, Muñoz appeared. When Muñoz appeared, they made us all withdraw for about an hour. The same thing happened in the house in Río Gallegos where there was a sector next to the gymnasium with the same characteristics as that reported in El Calafate that we all thought that the aforementioned packages were also stored in this place. ”

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