more than half of the agents in the REAL ESTATE sector do not invoice

Almost 90% of people related to the item noticed consequences in the payment chain in the form of default and bad debt, according to a private survey

He 52.7% of agents in the real estate sector stopped billing 100% of their usual income since the effective period of compulsory social isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to a survey carried out by the Real Estate Report firm.

The consultation was made through the internet to 1,366 people related to the item, distributed among real estate (57.4%), architects and engineers (18.2%), developers (9.2%), builders (3.4%) , and investors, consultants and administrators (11.4%).

Regarding the possibility of doing your usual tasks remotely, 18.8% determined that they have no way of doing it; 41.6% who can carry out only half of their obligations; and 8.8% said they could solve 100% of their duties remotely.

On the other hand, 88.5% noticed consequences in the payment chain in the form of default and bad debts.

Lastly, 3.8% considered that they would resume the level of activity immediately after the quarantine was lifted; 11.3% as of May; 33.6% from the third quarter of the year; 31.9% in the last quarter; and 19.4% estimate that the recovery will be only in 2021.

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