Monotributo “tech”: advances without support from the opposition and companies

The “tech” Monotributo, a special monotributo regime for computer scientists who work independently abroad, promoted by the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, took its first step.

Without the support of the opposition and with the questioning of the companies, the initiative was approved this Tuesday by the Budget and Finance Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, chaired by Carlos Heller, only with the signatures of the official bloc, with which it was ready for treatment on site.

The plan is to create a Simplified and Exchange Regime for Small Technological Taxpayers, which includes a special exchange rate with the dollar.

The project considers “Small Technological Contributors” to be people residing in the country, both professionals and those who participate in technology competitions. e-sports (virtual sports), who obtain annual gross income less than or equal to US$ 30,000.

The regime includes a scale that places in category D those with incomes up to US$10,000 per year; in the F to the segment of US$ 10,000 and US$ 20,000 per year; and in the H to those who invoice up to US$ 30,000 per year.

In Argentina there are 5,500 industries of the software, of which only 15% export. Since the Covid pandemic, the global demand for the development of software and computer services. Many professionals with a good track record left the companies where they worked and dedicated themselves to producing as freelancer (independent worker) abroad, something that already existed in this area but that became widespread with the home office.

Market estimates warn that there are 30,000 professionals in the IT sector in this condition. Due to the obligations of the national export regime and the restrictions established by the Central Bank regarding the settlement of dollars for sales abroad, most of them charge in dollars, convert their payments into cryptocurrencies and keep pesos at the informal exchange rate.

For this reason, and also because of a need for dollars on the part of the State, the Ministry of Economy has insisted on this regime since last year.

For and against

While the Frente de Todos imposed its majority, arguing the need to advance in its realization, from Together for Change they warned that specialists or the private sector were not consulted.

The initiative is questioned by companies. For the Federal Network of ICT Poles and Clusters, which brings together 25 entities from the technology sector, including the Córdoba Technology Cluster (CTC), the collection of this regime will be almost 20 times less than what is achieved in a job in relation to dependence.

But since it will also establish a special exchange regime, the sector assures that it will encourage professionals to leave the formal industry, which charges its exports at the official exchange rate and pays their salaries in pesos. This is not reversed with the “techno” dollar either, which the Government implemented in 2022 and which exempts part of exports from liquidating.

“They are still patches so as not to attack the causes of the problem, which is the exchange rate gap; they are looking for a short-term measure without resolving the asymmetries posed by the differences in exchange rates, which make us uncompetitive”, says Pablo Gigy, president of the CTC.

Within this framework, he adds: “If Argentina wants to be a provider of technology to the world, it is necessary to promote the industry that generates added value; It’s not about going against him. freelancerthat it is their genuine and valid right to work for whoever they want, but to create conditions so that companies can grow”.

Instead, it is accompanied in general terms by the professional sector.

Before a query of The voice, the Computer Science Professional Council of the Province of Córdoba (CPCIPC) explains: “We are convinced that this Monotributo instrument, through quotas, will allow declaring income originating outside the country, will make it easier for professionals to invoice their services, sign contracts; none of this can be negative in any way.”

In this regard, he adds: “Without prejudice to skepticism, we imagine a professional registered in monotributo with two categories, one that allows billing national income and the other ‘tech’ category that will allow billing exports of services, each with its quota.”

Written by Argentina News

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