Minister of Health asks protesters to unblock roads so that patients can receive medicines

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Anti-government protests continue to worry the Peruvian authorities. This time, from the Ministry of Health (Minsa), its owner rose gutierrezmade a request for peace to the demonstrators so that they stop obstructing the roads and allow the arrival of medicines and other aid for the sick to the interior of the country.

The minister said last Tuesday that “it is painful” how there is no intention of dialogue on the part of these groups that cause chaos with the road blocks and the attacks on and damage to the ambulances of the Minsa.

“The damage done to the sector is irreparable. Due to this obstruction of the arteries and corridors of our roads, (the patients) are affected in their health and not only that, but it is also that this group of people who are asked to talk and when one goes to the place there is no one with who to talk The sad thing is that in our sector they have damaged 19 ambulances until they are inoperative,” said the minister in dialogue with RPP Noticias.

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He also expressed concern in Mother of God because the road grab are causing stockouts basic necessities, as well as medical supplies to care for patients.

“We have transported a ton of medicines as well as food because we have 84 hospitalized patients at the cutoff on Sunday. They receive a special diet and we don’t even have the supplies to prepare them and give them the medication,” lamented the head of the Minsa.

In this sense, Gutiérrez explained that it is very expensive for the State to transport essential products by air; For this reason, it has been working jointly with isHealth to support the doctors who work in Madre de Dios. However, she regretted that personnel from his sector receive attacks by protesters.

“I call on all of Peru, to put down attitudes and discuss these issues and not harm families. I ask you as a minister, mother of a family, to let the ambulances, medicines and supplies pass, ”she stressed.

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Fuel ran out in Madre de Dios
Fuel ran out in Madre de Dios

Another of the problems that the authorities of mother god It is about the necessary inputs to purify drinking water. The regional governor of Madre de Dios, Luis Otsuka Salazar, warned that these products could not arrive from Lima due to the blockade of the roads by the protesters.

In this sense, Ramón Estremadoyro, manager of the Municipal Drinking Water Company of Tambopata, in said region, indicated that, although the Ministry of Housing had guaranteed him an airlift for the arrival of supplies, there is a risk that the situation repeats itself in the next few days.

“We are very concerned because almost the entire interoceanic (highway) has been closed. (The MVCS) is going to facilitate the transport of 12 tons that is going to help us calm down the moment for approximately 20 to 22 days, making cuts in the attention of the 10pm service. to 3 am. ”, he pointed out.


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