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Beyond having said that he did not intend to do so, the libertarian deputy elected by the City of Buenos Aires was finally vaccinated against the coronavirus

The national deputy elected by the City of Buenos Aires Javier Milei confirmed today that he received the two doses of Sinopharm vaccines, beyond the fact that during the electoral campaign he had raised his refusal to be immunized against the Covid-19 virus.

“I had to get vaccinated because I do not live from politics or the state. To bill I need to give conferences throughout the country and abroad, “he said.

And he expressed: “I am not a parasite of the state. In fact, as of December 9, I will resign from my current job in the private sector so that there are no ethical conflicts or misunderstandings. And as I promised in the campaign, I will not charge my diet either, since I will raffle it among the citizens. ”

“What will I live on? As I also promised in the campaign, a mechanism will be created so that the citizens themselves will decide how much I charge each month. This will be with an absolute process of transparency and within the framework of the public ethics law. a peso to the Argentines “, highlighted Milei.

And he added: “These are the costs that I have to pay for continue defending the ideas of freedom beyond Argentina “.

The economist plans to give conferences in Miami, New York and Washington DC, as well as give talks in Uruguay, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador and Spain.

Strong criticism from a former partner

Liberal economist Diego Giacomini and his colleague Javier Milei, a deputy elected last Sunday, were partners. Together they wrote the books “Libertad, Libertad, Libertad and “Again soup: Maquinita; infleta y devaluta”.

But a while ago the relationship broke down. One day after the candidate for deputy for La Libertad Avanza consolidated as the third force in the City with 17% of the votes, Giacomini went out to cross Milei.

In a radio interview, Giacomini compared his former friend to Hitler, Perón, Mussolini and Stalin for his “messianic” attitude and he warned him about his political adventure: “When you come to ask us to rescue you, we will rescue you.”

“I never quarreled with him, I just tried for two years not to end up in this delusional madness. When I saw that it was inexorable I opened up, I left it alone and done. I never argued. Everything I mentioned was never about him, even though I know a lot of things, it was always about his actions in institutional politics, “said the economist.

Giacomini assured that Milei has “inconsistencies, contradictions, lack of ethics and immorality.” “It is very incredible how he talks about ethics, about immorality, when his actions since he got into institutional politics is the opposite,” he said.

Giacomini assured that Milei has “inconsistencies, contradictions, lack of ethics and immorality”

“You have a person who, without charge, without power, without budgetary management, he dealt with everything unimaginable to be able to access an application. Imagine it with power, with position and budget line. To begin with, we are going to have to surely keep several advisers that I put, “he said.

In addition, Giacomini indicated that everyone around Milei “is people she has known for a very short time” and who “only want to access the State to get a salary and a position. ”

“What any stale member of the political caste in which Javier Milei has become “, he indicated and assured that the people who were capable and wanted him” left him alone in this madness. ”

Giacomini questioned the way Javier Milei manifested himself in public, build a speech of hate and violence. “Javier has said it, he publicly states it: ‘Help me to save them.’ This is very interesting because it is the opposite of the ideas and ethics of freedom. In this, people save themselves because they understand their problem and take action. No they need no one to come and save them, “he said.

“Who come to save people? The Hitlers, the Peróns, the Mussolini, the Stalins, and any specimen of Latin America that there are in piles, “Giacomini compared. He said that these are” those stale conservatives who use politics and the state for what they think is right. ”

“Notice that they always choose enemies because they build their actions based on hatred towards the enemy. And here come the inconsistencies, when he said ‘fucking lefties, resentful, I’m going to go over them ‘… that goes against the ethics of freedom, “he wielded.

“Lefties, if they are in favor of redistributing income, they are wrong, they do not do it because they are resentful, but because they think it is the right thing to do and because they indoctrinated it like that in public education from a young age. There they teach you the stick of what that it is good, that it is egalitarianism and if there is not it is wrong and it is unfair, “he added.

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