McDonald´s opened 19 stores in Córdoba and enabled services earlier than in the rest of the country

Gradually, and within the framework of the persistent social isolation measures, McDonald’s begins to put its branch network into operation.

The chain reported that 19 of the 21 stores it has in Córdoba have already opened: 18 in Capital and one in Río Cuarto. Of course, none of them can be consumed locally.

The novelty is that to the delivery service (McDelivery) with which all mouths resumed work, this week two other formats were added: ToGo and AutoMac, modalities of food purchased and withdrawn by the customer himself at a branch on foot, in the first case , and by car, in the second.

ToGo operates in 11 of the 19 local branches and AutoMac in five. “Córdoba is the first place where we enable them,” they pointed out from the chain. Here the detail of what each one offers.

McDonald’s reported that the services were implemented with prior authorization and applying strict health protocols to protect the health of employees and customers.

Greater frequency of cleaning workspaces and handwashing, mandatory use of a chinstrap for all employees, distancing, greater security in the delivery of delivery, encouragement of the use of electronic payments without contact and control over the procedures of the app of delivery are some of the measures taken.

The “app”, a vital channel

Before the pandemic, McDonald’s made firm progress in the digitization of its customers through the self-management screens in stores and especially in its app, which at the end of 2019 reached seven million downloads. The plan was to reach nine million this 2020.

At the same time, the delivery and the AutoMac service already had a leading role in their growth strategy. The second provided an average of 35 percent of sales at the branches that offer it, with peaks of 50 percent in some locations. The delivery it also grew steadily.

That battery of tools became key to recover activity in this context. From app, the chain maintained communication with its customers even in the first section of the quarantine, when it stopped its activity completely.

Today, from there it promotes a range of combos and products adapted to the context and enhances the role of the delivery. In this service, it has agreements with Rappi, with Requests Now, with Uber Eats (added it now) and with Glovo.

With the latter, he activated the possibility of ordering products from the McCafé segment exclusively.

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