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In June, the Buenos Aires justicialismo held a congress that endorsed the election of the parliamentary chief in Deputies as head of the party’s Council

The head of the block of the Frente de Todos in the Chamber of Deputies, Máximo Kirchner, will assume the Saturday, December 18 the conduction of the Council of the PJ of the province of Buenos Aires, during an act that will have the participation of all the currents of the group.

Sources from the Buenos Aires PJ explained that Máximo Kirchner “is already president-elect and everything is in order” in legal matters, and that the only thing missing is that “he assumes together with all those who are part of the Council, with all its different branches, such as of women, trade unionists and youth “.

On the other hand, from the political force they explained that The internal election that was scheduled for Sunday, December 19, and that was suspended and passed for March 27, will be limited to the renewal of members of the party congress, as well as the definition of the names of the local councils of the 135 Buenos Aires municipalities.

In the first months of 2021, the PJ of the most populated district of the country began its renewal of authorities as a preliminary step to the formation of the lists of candidates for national deputies, provincial legislators and councilors who would compete in this year’s elections.

Last June 19, at a complex moment in the pandemic and with prevention measures to avoid contagions, the justicialismo of the province of Buenos Aires held a massive virtual congress that endorsed the election of the parliamentary head of the FdT in Deputies as the new head of the party’s Council.

Although he has not yet assumed office, Máximo Kirchner acts and is recognized by the mayors and the rest of the Peronist leaders as the leader and president of the PJ of the province of Buenos Aires.

Kicillof met with mayors from the Frente de Todos

The three met with the mayors of the FdT

Buenos Aires governor Axel Kicillof met days ago with the mayors and mayors of the Frente de Todos (FdT), to whom he told them that the Budget that he will send to the Legislature will have as its axis “the reconstruction” of the province with investment in public works and He guaranteed that the Municipal Infrastructure Fund (FIM) will be maintained.

At the meeting it was highlighted that “a recovery has been taking place after the pandemic, which is still not noticeable in all sectors”, but the tourist municipalities highlighted that “this weekend was explosive, which accounts for the recovery”, Telam sources with access to the meeting said.

They also indicated that it was analyzed that “the pandemic diverted many of the planned actions and it is still emerging from a health emergency.”

The governor said that “there are signs of economic improvement after two years of pandemic but for the recovery to reach the most popular and medium sectors, small and medium-sized companies, many more State policies are needed. That is why we were talking on the major guidelines “.

Kicillof made the statements after the meeting he had with the communal chiefs in the Golden Hall of the Interior in La Plata and in which members of his cabinet participated; the head of the Chamber of Deputies of the Nation, Sergio Massa, and the head of the bloc of national deputies of the FDT, Máximo Kirchner.

He specified that “we already have pre-pandemic numbers, we came from very low, from four years of crisis of neoliberalism to which were added the two of pandemics that caused many people to be in need.”

“The commitment is that this recovery has to reach all Buenos Aires”, he stressed, and recalled that although in his government “there were no fees, the Bank province He returned to give credits and now there is a government present, that is not enough to recover those for which they voted for us. ”

Kicillof argued that Argentina’s growth “occurs at Chinese rates, since only in 2011 there was a similar increase in the economy,” although he clarified that “so that there is an arrival to the most neglected sectors, to the middle sectors, to the small and medium-sized companies, cooperatives, industrial workers and those who are in the informal sector, much more is needed and State policies are needed. ”

The governor said that “there are signs of economic improvement”

He assured that “it is not enough for us to reach the pre-ndemic levels because when we won the election we were in pre-ndemic and we won it because things were bad. To go back there is to stay halfway.”

He explained that “we have been talking about that, what are the main guidelines and how we can work together” and added that “all mayors are very satisfied with the pace that (the economy) took after the pandemic, a pace that we have to sustain.” .

The meeting was also attended by Vice Governor Verónica Magario; the Chief of Cabinet, Martín Insaurralde; the Minister of Government, Cristina Álvarez Rodríguez; the general director of Culture and Education, Agustina Vila and the ministers of Infrastructure and Public Services, Leonardo Nardini, and of Finance and Finance, Pablo López.

Also present were the Chief Adviser, Carlos Bianco; the general administrator of the Highway Administration, Hernán Y Zurieta; the head of the Chamber of Deputies of the Province, Federico Otermín, and the senator elected by the Seventh Electoral Section, Eduardo “Bali” Bucca.

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