Marcos Mundstock’s daughter asked for the continuity of Les Luthiers: “He is bigger than any of its members”

Only a few days passed after the death of Marcos Mundstock, who passed away on April 22, and for many this event would cause the end of Les Luthiers. However, the comedian’s daughter denied the version and in an extensive text assured that the group, with more than 50 years of experience, “is bigger” than its members.

“For both him and Daniel -Rabinovich, another member of the group, who died in 2015- and for all the historical creators / members, Les Luthiers is his project, his life. And there is no bigger dream that will last forever. Les Luthiers does not die with any of the members. Les Luthiers is eternal. Les Luthiers is immortal. It is so much bigger than any of them. Because what they achieved is so enormous, that it surpasses any individuality “, assured the young woman.

Marcos’ daughter also pointed out that the group “is a genius, and a genius so enormous that it deserves that we never let it die. We must not speak of Les Luthiers in the past. Always in the present and in the future. Les Luthiers continue today with Carlos and with George on stage as well as with Tato, Martin, Thomas and Robert. Today that is the formation and tomorrow maybe it will be another one and so forever “, he hoped.

Finally, Lucía pointed out that the spirit of continuity is the same that her father wanted for the group: “Dad left and they don’t know how sad it will make him if Les Luthiers too.”

We will remain your professionalism. His self-demand, his work ethic and his extreme respect for the public, values ​​that we all share and that he defended from the moment of the creation of Les Luthiers. We will have the memory of their camaraderie, both professionally and personally. The intelligence of his comments and his respect for the opinions of others, even in dissent“Pointed out his colleagues.

The musician died on Wednesday morning at his home in Buenos Aires, but he had been away from the scenes since he started this 2020 on a medical prescription due to a serious health problem that had plagued him since 2019.

Over the years, Mundstock had a long history and had gained great popularity both in Argentina and abroad. The humorist, a native of Santa Fe, was one of the original members of the group Les Luthiers, created in 1967 by Gerardo Masana. With their exceptional humor and gigantic talent, the shows continued and success soon made the group a classic of Spanish-speaking humor.

In 2017, Les Luthiers received one of the most important recognitions in Spain: the Princess of Asturias award in the Communication and Humanities category. During the ceremony, Mundstock was in charge of giving the speech and took the opportunity not only to thank, but also to make everyone who was present laugh.

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