Malvinas veterans will commemorate April 2 virtually across the country

As a result of the mandatory isolation, former Malvinas combatants will commemorate Veterans and Memorial Day on Thursday through actions on social networks, without acts or vigils in public places as in previous years. It will be the first time in 26 years that the traditional vigil will not be held in Ushuaia.

The only official act will be a raising of the flag in which the Minister of Defense, Agustín Rossi, and the top military leaders will participate.

The event will be at 8 in the Libertador Building, and with Rossi will be the chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Armed Forces, General Juan Martín Paleo; that of the Army, General Agustín Humberto Cejas; the head of the Navy, Rear Admiral Julio Guardia; and from the Air Force, Brigadier Xavier Isaac.

It will be the first time in 26 years, that is, since the date of April 2 in 1994 was established, that the traditional vigil will not be held in Plaza Malvinas de Ushuaia, nor in other cities such as Río Grande, Río Gallegos or Buenos Aires.

The virtual proposals

The agency Telam conducted a survey of the proposals throughout the country:

The Ex-Fighters Center Silver (CECIM) proposed to remember the fallen in a virtual way by sharing a video recorded vertically in order to be broadcast on networks.

The proposal of the La Plata Former Combatants Center. (Photo: Facebook)

The House of the former Falklands Combatant Soldier (CEMA) He organized a virtual vigil that began this Wednesday at 19 and will last until after midnight. “We only ask you not to talk about anything else out of respect for the fallen,” they requested through social networks and explained that they will share the posts on their Facebook page.

In addition, from CEMA they proposed that at 23.54 the National Anthem is sung on the balconies “asking for the fallen and their families”, while at 23.55 a projection of a video made by the entity is planned, which includes photos of the fallen in the region.

On the other hand, on Thursday at 17 the Provincial Commission for Memory (CPM) It will develop a virtual discussion table called “The Falklands are Argentine, the torturers too”, led by Norma Gómez, Ernesto Alonso, Edgardo Esteban and Silvio Katz, and which will be broadcast on Facebook.

Also, the San Martín General Library and Development Center, that every year the act “a neighbor, a flower” performs at the gate of the former Regiment 7, he will remember the fallen with a prayer.

There will be virtual tributes across the country to commemorate the Falklands War veterans. (Photo: Télam)
There will be virtual tributes across the country to commemorate the Falklands War veterans. (Photo: Télam)

In Rosary beads, The vocalist of the Rosario rock band Patagonia Rebelde, Franz Funes, announced that tomorrow “a series of very nice videos will be available on the networks, from the entire Ex-combatant Center of Rosario and Generación Malvinas.”

In the audiovisual material that will be shown through the Facebook group Centro De Ex Soldados Comatientes en Malvinas De Rosario. “There are videos that have been circulating since this Wednesday telling what Malvinas is for each one, from the place that each of us plays today, in order to pay tribute to the ex-combatants,” said Funes.

In The Pampa, the Malvinas Children of Heroes Association of that province promoted a series of activities to remember the veterans and under the slogan “Malvinas en tu casa” invited the entire population to listen to the National Anthem and to make a minute of silence for the fallen.

Also in White Bay it was proposed to commemorate the date through banderazos in the houses and singing the National Anthem at midnight.

In Cordova, the members of the Casa del Veterano announced that in the first minute of April 2 they will hang national flags in front of their homes and will join in the singing of the National Anthem to end the cry “Long live the country. “

Meanwhile, ex-combatant organizations in Land of Fire They will also use social networks to remember the anniversary today and tomorrow.

In Neuquen the Veterans of War Center invited citizens to sing the Hymn from the houses, in addition to making a minute of silence and singing the Falklands march and, in Chubut, Traditional events, which included torch marches, were suspended and the population was invited to “flag the fronts of the houses”.

The statement from the Neuquén War Veterans Center. (Photo: Facebook)
The statement from the Neuquén War Veterans Center. (Photo: Facebook)

In Mendoza, Jorge Martínez, president of the Malvinas Veterans Center of San Rafael, called for “flagging the doors with the light blue and white, and thus honor our fallen and dress our homes with the national flag” and that the population sing from their homes the National anthem and the Malvinas march.

The Malvinas War Veterans Center “José Honorio Ortega” and the Government of Santa Cruz, They called a special vigil to flag the houses and participate with photos and videos on social networks.

In Jump Through a joint statement issued by the Association of Veterans of War, the Malvinas Ex-Combatants Center, the Association of Relatives of the Fallen in Malvinas de Salta and the Provincial Commission of Veterans of War asked the community that on Thursday 18 reproduce the intonation of the verses of the National Anthem and of the Malvinas March through social networks.

In Missions the ex-combatants asked the citizens to sing the Hymn after midnight.

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