Luis Miguel the series: Netflix revealed the premiere date of the second season

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Netflix and Diego Boneta they gave two very important news in their respective Tik Tok accounts. The first was that in this quarantine the actor learned to make bread. But the second, and the most important, is that the second season of the series “Luis Miguel” will premiere until next year.

At video, which is a reference to the announcement made by the company in January, also a singer, appears inside a kitchen, but well dressed in a shirt, pants, headphones and a strainer in what he describes as day one of quarantine. With the help of the strainer, the singer performs “How is it possible that next to me”. Then there is a change and Boneta, in his Luis Miguel character, takes a glass of milk and says: “No, you know what? Give me one more. “

While cleaning the screen, it is seen that it changes to “Day 573 in quarantine”, and it is already stained with ingredients, with a parsley in its ear and with an apron. The quarantine label was left behind, since Boneta wore a T-shirt and shorts, and was singing with a lemon squeezer. At that moment he changed his makeshift microphone for a sign that said: “Luis Miguel T2 2021”.

The second season of Luis Miguel, the series (Infobae)

It was only in January when it was announced that filming for the new season would begin the following month in Mexico City.

Netflix reported in a statement that Diego Boneta would return to play the singer, thus ending the speculation that surrounded the actor months ago, as it was said that the role of “El Sol” would be in the hands of other actors.

“After the great success of the series, this new season will be available on Netflix worldwide starting in 2020. Diego Boneta will return to the iconic role of Luis Miguel, this time playing the singer in two different timelines,” he said in At that time Rodrigo Mazón, Vice President of Content Acquisition for Latin America and Spain at Netflix.

In February Boneta shared some clues of the singer’s new look (Photo: File)

Already in February, The singer shared videos in which he was living with the rest of the cast before beginning the series’ recordings.. During a roast beef, Boneta met the Argentine César Bordón, in which he joked that he would eat a lot to be able to interpret the other facets of Luis Miguel.

Days later, the actor shared a video of him on set, plus some clues about the new look with which he would play the singer.

It is official, the first day of Luis Miguel’s call. I can’t believe it, I’m here to hit everything, ”said the actor in a video.

However, the entire project had to be abruptly paused due to pandemic which now has almost all industries stopped. In late April, Boneta gave an interview in which he explained that due to quarantine the project had been postponed until new notification.

Juanpa Zurita and Diego Boneta in their roles as Alex Basteri and Luis Miguel (Photo: File)
Juanpa Zurita and Diego Boneta in their roles as Alex Basteri and Luis Miguel (Photo: File)

We were filming the second season, it was crazy. Stopping a shoot like that was crazy, when will he be back? We don’t know, when everything is safe and it can be filmed again. It was not the only one, all the productions stopped and there is a pause, there is much behind this, it is not known when he will return, ”said the actor, suspending the resumption of filming.

The actor also stated that, due to the nature of such filming, use extreme caution and abide by government containment provisions. are actions that could not be overlooked. And he added that a person from the production lost his life, so it was a subject that should not be taken lightly.

A production is a place with a very high level of contagion, there are always people close to you: they are touching you because of the makeup, they are putting the microphone on you, and I am not just saying it because of me, but they could all be exposed. In fact a person passed away, this is serious it has to be taken with this seriousness but it doesn’t mean that we should not turn it around ”.


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