Longonardi warned about the possible dangers of cyber patrolling

The journalist analyzed the government’s measures to stop the coronavirus pandemic and warned about the economic consequences

The journalist Marcelo Longobardi warned this Thursday about the possible dangers of cyber patrolling that the Government proposes to control the effective compliance with the mandatory quarantine ordered by the advance of the coronavirus pandemic.

In his Every Morning editorial, Longobardi analyzed the latest government measures to contain the coronavirus pandemic and warned of the economic consequences of extending compulsory isolation.

“The extension of the quarantine has become the most important policy that the Argentine Government has in the face of the crisis,” said the journalist, while warning: “As things are, we have to get the idea that we are going to have a economic problem. “

In this sense, he assured that the country has problems in economic matters from the Cristina Kirchner government and considered that President Alberto Fernández “assembled an economic team oriented to solve the debt issue but that did not look at inflation.”

“This situation of throwing the blanket in a radical way for one side uncovers the other side and political inconveniences such as lack of economic management, improper purchases begin to appear,” he said.

Finally, he questioned the revelation of the Security Minister, Sabina Frederic, who admitted that her forces carry out cyber-patrols on social networks to “detect social humor” and warned about the invasion of privacy.

“This opens up very complex possibilities. It is not that these tools that are used today to follow a patient who may be contaminated without knowing it, end up in a very complicated instance in the short term,” he concluded.

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