Live chat with the historian Felipe Pigna in the series “The books remain open”

Infobae premieres, together with Grupo Planeta, a series of live interviews with writers because, despite the obligatory isolation, The books remain open. This is the title of the cycle that also seeks to be a “first person presentation”. From Infobae’s Twitter and Facebook accounts, each of the reports can be viewed freely and free of charge.

Today at 4 pm the book will be presented Manuel Belgrano: life and thought of a revolutionary from Felipe Pigna. In dialogue with Hinde Pomeraniec, the Argentine historian will cover the trajectory of the great Argentine hero, but also the contexts in which he moved and the vital ideas that he exalted during his life.

Originally published in 2016 and reissued this special year, the bicentennial of Belgrano’s death, this book interrogates the official history that relegated him to the role of “creator of the national flag”, however he was also the protagonist of the May Revolution and the first in our lands to study and spread the ideas of the political economy, adapting them to the reality and interests of the River Plate.

All this will be discussed today at 4:00 pm, in the Infobae streaming via Twitter and Facebook, as well as the research and writing process, the role of the historian in society, the role of the popularizer, among other topics.

In the coming weeks the cycle The books remain open will continue with interviews in Spanish Manuel Vilas —Finalist of the Planeta de Novela Award 2019—, Pamela Stupía Y Camila Sosa Villada. Too with a joint interview with Tamara Tenenbaum Y Pedro Mairal, who have been making a public exchange via email that gave a lot to talk about in recent days.

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