Less taxes and subsidies, the order of technology companies in Córdoba

The Chamber of Computer, Electronic and Communications Industries of the Center of Argentina (Ciiecca) asked in a statement not to “neglect the health of companies” and to guarantee jobs.

In this case, the Ciiecca assured that there are 103 technology-based companies, which add up to 4,800 director jobs and 9,000 indirect ones.

And although within these there are many companies that due to their work modalities can continue their projects, and others that are working to maintain the production chain of critical inputs, 80 percent are firms that are totally paralyzed.

“And they see with great concern that until now the only response to this situation (which clearly exceeds our sector) is to take a loan, that is, to get into debt,” warned Cieecca.


For this reason, the Chamber prepared a list of measures that –they consider– can be a “complete package to face the current reality”.

“These measures are understood only in the current situation, where very diverse factors such as the fall in domestic consumption, the decrease in working hours when applying the necessary protocols to face the Covid-19, the problems for the entry of productive inputs and the current general macroeconomic crisis ”, clarifies the entity.

The proposals are:

– In the event of a cessation of industrial activity required to contain the pandemic, the elimination or reduction of employer contributions from company collaborators during said period.

– Subsidy to the payroll at 50 percent for companies that commit to maintaining jobs for a minimum of three months.

– Elimination (or failing that reduction) during a period of at least 5 months of national, provincial and municipal taxes.

– Credit support to industrial companies with negative rates.

– Accompaniment of business entities to companies with union conflicts caused by the fall of industrial activity.

– Use of the tax credit to pay any type of national tax.

– Agility in the collection of capital goods bonds, refunds and similar regimes.

– Regularization of State debts with companies.

– Enabling simplified and remote procedures for the public administration.

– Elimination of withholdings on the importation of industrial goods.

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