Lázaro Báez added another lawsuit for the purchase of a field in Uruguay

Federal judge Sebastián Casanello The investigation closed on Tuesday and brought the case for the purchase of a field in Uruguay known as “El Entrevero” to an oral trial.. Lázaro Báez will be tried together with the lawyer Jorge Chueco, the accountant Daniel Pérez Gadín and the repentant Leonardo Fariña. Maximiliano Acosta, Maximiliano Goff Dávila, the financier Santiago Carradori and Osvaldo Guthux will also go to trial.

Fariña said that the Uruguayan society Traline SA was used (Maximiliano Acosta was the president and then a mandate of general disposition was granted to Maximiliano Goff Dávila). When the relationship with the environment of Báez had already been broken, the field was left in the name of another name society Jumey SA, chaired by Pérez Gadín.

At the time of requesting the elevation to trial, the prosecutor Guillermo Marijuán maintained that Báez “issued the orders and entrusted the successive administrators of those funds –Fariña and later Pérez Gadín and Chueco– to apply them in the projected real estate development on the Uruguayan coast”. About Goff Dávila, he understood that “he had an extremely active participation in the business, because he intervened as an articulator of the investment, sought the notary public, acquired a company with bearer shares, placed Acosta in his presidency, coordinated the meetings with the seller and for the signing of the documents of sign, commitment of sale and extensions of partial payments ”.

Another fundamental actor in the maneuver was Santiago Carradori. “He played a fundamental role in the deployment of the process of money laundering of illicit origin by directly intervening in the realization of certain payments through accounts opened in Swiss and Spanish banks,” the prosecutor described when he claimed the elevation to trial.

Báez is currently being tried for the so-called “money route K” where he has already accumulated two requests for sentences of nine and eight years in prison for money laundering.

You will also face another lawsuit in the case known as M&P. This file investigated maneuvers carried out with shell companies to inject money into Austral Construcciones through another Báez firm, between 2015 and 2016, in order to avoid the embargoes that weighed on companies and members of the businessman’s family.

“The mere invocation of the defense to find its assisted within the risk population that the international medical authorities determined for that purpose, by itself, cannot constitute a sufficient argument to modify the state of confinement in which the accused Báez is found. . It was also said that, on a purely conjectural plane, in the event of a coronavirus case being verified within the scope of the ward in which it is detained, alternative measures could also be adopted to the house arrest that the defense seeks, such as re-accommodation of the other inmates or the isolation of those sick, ”answered judges Néstor Costabel, Daniel Obligado and Jorge Gorini, as members of the Federal Oral Court 4.

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