Lacunza’s strong questioning of the management of the economy

The former Minister of Finance of the Government of Mauricio Macri, expressed his concern about the decisions that the Government made in economic matters

Hernán Lacunza, former Minister of Finance of the Mauricio Macri Government, expressed his concern over the decisions that the Government made in economic matters and predicted greater poverty, unemployment and inflation by the time the coronavirus pandemic ends.

In addition, the former holder of the Treasury Portfolio was critical of the extension of debt negotiations.

“There are two inexorable photos: the sanitary victims and the economic victims. Argentina adopted one more extreme so that the first photo is not so dramatic, at the expense of the second. It is a matter of policy“Lacunza pointed out, hinting at the extension of the quarantine to avoid the sanitary collapse to the detriment of the economy.

The former head of the Treasury Portfolio was critical of the extension of the debt negotiations

Likewise, the former official also questioned the excess emission when affirming: “Again we went back to deficit and we are financing it with the issue. ”

“Let’s not add a third photo in a couple of months that will not happen in the rest of the world, which in addition to the vhealth victims and victims of SMEs let us have a process of inflationary instability due to excess emissions, “he told Radio La Red.

In that sense, he added: “We will have product drops more delicate and the photo at the end will be worse. ”

Criticism of debt negotiation

Later Lacunza noticed greater problems in all economic indices: “The behavior of rapid fall and slower recovery is what one can expect for Argentina. But when one is in the well … there will be lasting effects of poverty, unemployment, later inflation … ”

Regarding external debt, one of the issues that had begun to be considered in the last months of his administration, Lacunza was critical of Martín Guzmán and said he was “concerned”.

“Debt negotiation is in we’ll see, should have lasted less, especially since the extension is not free. Maintain in this scenario of so much local and global uncertainty an open topic that adds uncertainty, which is not free in terms of reserves, exchange rate risks … I am a little worried, “he analyzed.

Despite the lack of certainty, the economist values a positive aspect of the negotiations.

Lacunza criticized Guzmán

Lacunza criticized Guzmán

“We all have fragmented information. Despite those twists and turns, nobody got up from the table and that is positive. The match and the extension time have long ended. Argentina stopped paying on April 22 and the extension ended on May 22 and nobody went to the locker room. ”

Likewise, the former minister believes that the length of the negotiations is not good: “When the time for the natural haggling of a negotiation ended, and when you are negotiating on behalf of 45 million people, targeting the strap is not a business. the line, everyone applauds, but if you stick two centimeters outside you have a problem with 45 million passengers on board. That’s not paying more;s pay as little as possible but not take seven months. “

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