laboratories extend agreements for medicinal products

Once the agreements with PAMI have expired, a group of CAEME laboratories proposes to extend the agreements under the same conditions until the end of October.

The Argentine Chamber of Medicinal Specialties (CAEME), which represents pharmaceutical innovation laboratories, proposed to PAMI to extend until October 31 the agreements for the supply of medicinal products that its associates had subscribed with the entity and that they ended on June 30 last.

CAEME explained that the decision was adopted as a consequence of “the difficult situation that Argentina is going through in the framework of the COVID19 pandemic“and that it will be under” the same terms and conditions “.

“This proposal represents a great effort for the laboratories that adhere to it, and a benefit for the Institute and its affiliates, who guarantee the maintenance of the PAMI price of drugs in all its segments for a period of four months, “said the Chamber.

In this sense, through a statement, “the commitment of CAEME associates to the sustainability of the health system was highlighted, translated into important benefits and discounts agreed in the PAMI agreements, where prices are offered that are up to 70% off the market value. ”

A group of CAEME laboratories proposes to extend the agreements under the same conditions until the end of October

In addition, he remarked that “these benefits, which the industry offers with great effort, are carried out in a context of inflation and currency devaluation that also impact the sector.

“In this sense, during 2020, despite the significant increase in costs, there was a significant effort on the part of the laboratories that accompanied this stage, containing the values ​​of the medicines with practically no adjustments. With the extension offered, lCAEME associates they will continue to contribute with their commitment, contributing the available resources to face the challenge of the situation posed by the health emergency, in full harmony with the public policies defined by the National Executive Power, “he added.

However, it was clarified that the proposal of the associates of CAEME will be subject to any economic advantage or more favorable clause than after the acceptance of this proposal on INSSJP granted to any other laboratory in the framework of new negotiations or for the signing of other agreements, they will also be granted to the products of CAEME laboratories that have the same or similar characteristics to the product that received the benefit.

In communication to the Institute, Fall It stated its commitment to, after said period, guarantee the supply and full accessibility of the medicines to the entire distribution chain and to PAMI affiliates under market conditions.

By last Fall He expressed his full willingness to continue conversations with the authorities of the Institute, in order to evaluate the terms and conditions of future agreements, for which purpose he requested the opening of a dialogue table.

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