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If Cristina Kirchner remains firm in her decision not to run for the Presidency this year, The figure that grows in the Frente de Todos is that of the Buenos Aires governor Axel Kicillof.

The pro-government leader who benefits from the fact that Cristina Kirchner does not appear in these elections is Kicillof, who rises from 4.8% to 13.5% of intention to vote in the PASOaccording to a survey by Cristian Solmoirago.

The Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, appears with 3.7% of voting intention and rises to 8.6% if Cristina does not appear, in the trends of citizens for the next mandatory simultaneous primary elections (PASO).

Anyway, the vice president is still the political leader with the most individual votes for PASOin which he would prevail against the pre-candidates who are known today with 17.1% of the votes.

What is Kicillof’s strength

Kicillof stands out above all in the province of Buenos Aires, where 33.6% of citizens consider themselves close to the Frente de Todos and only 19.4% feel represented by Together for Change, with 16.6% in favor of the Libertariansaccording to a survey of Analogías in this jurisdiction.

The Buenos Aires governor has a 42.3% positive image in his province, although the negative image is also high, with 54.6%.

On the other hand, more than half of the people of Buenos Aires manifest with a joy that still lasts for the triumph of Argentina in the World Cup in Qatar, with 56.8%.

Nor is it so much pessimism about the economic situation, where only 32.2% believe that the general economy will be worse and 42.2% think that their income will decrease in the next 12 months.

The Buenos Aires spirit is also positive due to the success of the summer vacation season in the province, where 64.3% considered it positive, according to Analogías

How the national scenario is presented for PASO

In a probable STEP scenario, the sum of the possible candidates for Together for Change makes this space grow in voting intention, reaching 41.1%Solmoirago considered.

With the sum of its possible candidates, the Frente de Todos reaches less than 29.3%.

According to the PASO scenario proposed in this survey, Cristina Kirchner is the candidate with the most votes, with 17.1% of voting intentions, followed by Javier Milei, with 15.6%.

In a scenario of PASO elections, without Vice President Cristina Kirchner, the leader who grows in his intention to vote is the governor of the province of Buenos Aires, Axel Kicillof. It goes from 4.8% to 13.5% in voting preference.

President Alberto Fernández remains with half the votes that Kicillof, with a voting intention of 7.3%followed by the Minister of the Interior, Wado de Pedro, much further down the grid, with 3.7% of the votes, in this scenario without the vice president in the race.

How is the image of the candidates for President

In Together for Change, the image of the presidential candidates is as follows:

  • Horacio Rodriguez Larreta: positive image of 50.4% and with a differential in its favor compared to the negative image
  • Patricia Bullrich: favorable image 46.3%, and matches its negative image
  • Mauricio Macri: 42.6% positive image, but with a negative differential of 12.1%.
Rodríguez Larreta and Massa are the leaders with the best image in their respective spaces

Rodríguez Larreta and Massa are the leaders with the best image in their respective spaces

Among the Libertarians, Javier Milei has the same positive image as Macri, with 42.1% and almost matches the negative image.

In the Frente de Todos, the negative image of political leaders is what prevails:

  • Sergio Massa is the leader with the best image of the Front of all, with 34.4% positive image and a negative differential of 25.9%.
  • Cristina Kirchner: 32.6% positive image and the negative image exceeds these figures by 32.4%.
  • Akel Kicillof: 32.2% positive image and 32.6% negative differential.

Those are the three possible candidates with the best image in the Frente de Todos, while President Fernández recently appears in fourth place in terms of image level among citizens.

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