It’s proven: cats enjoy doing evil

It’s known that cats are one of the naughtiest pets. They like to throw objects, hide, “attack” their humans or other pet companions.

Sometimes, the antics become evils that end in injuries to their owners or with the house destroyed.

“I heard you, but I don’t care”

A classic example of evil is to throw objects in the presence of their owners, even though they warn them, hold them back, yell at them …

A classic of classics, the cat that bothers the dog

Sometimes, coexistence is not as harmonious as desired or boredom causes excesses in the peace of the home.

And the cat that annoys the cat

Attack on the human, another classic

Terrible idea

It occurred to this tabby cat that the habitat of its lizard companion would be an excellent bath, and despite the challenge of its owner, it did not abandon its attitude.

Like a monkey with a razor

This feline was found in fragantti when he tried, from a shelf, to get some knives from the counter. Luckily it did not accomplish its task.

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