It will continue taking turns to go to the bank, but with a change

The president of the Central Bank (BCRA), Miguel Pesce, indicated that from next week the attendance at bank branches will have to continue to be in turn but no longer with the requirement of the ID number and we will enable the boxes so that people can do the operations in dollars. “

Pesce maintained that “this week the system worked well, people took turns and there was no crowding and this allows us from next week to remove the limitation of two ID numbers per day.”

Later, the official expressed that “also from next week they will open payment locations such as Pago Fácil or Rapipago in their respective premises because until now they only served in those locations that were authorized to operate as an exception within the limitations of social isolation, like supermarkets or maxikioscos. “

The head of the BCRA ruled out that “the wealth tax bill has influenced the rise of the dollar because they were the result of speculative maneuvers”, while minimizing the effect that the proposed debt restructuring may have.

Pesce remarked that “Argentina does not have external credit and it will be very difficult for foreign credit to return, with exports we finance imports and if restrictions on the formation of external assets are maintained, we believe there will be enough dollars to supply the demand”.

Finally, Pesce ruled out the appearance of quasi-currencies because the Nation is going to agree common fiscal programs with the provinces and the creation of such instruments will not be necessary. “

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