In these cities, the quarantine will remain almost unchanged until May 10

INDEC detailed the agglomerates with more than 500 thousand inhabitants where President Alberto Fernández said that the quarantine will continue with few changes

The head of state made the announcement after a long working day in the Quinta de Olivos, through a recorded message, without a press conference as it happened on previous occasions.

Accompanied by his main collaborators, Fernández explained that in “conglomerates with more than 500,000 inhabitants the quarantine continues as it has been until today.”

The INDEC specified this Saturday which are the agglomerates with more than 500 thousand inhabitants to which the President made reference.

These agglomerates are the City of Buenos Aires, the suburbs, La Plata, Mar del Plata, Córdoba, Mendoza, Salta, San Juan, Rosario, Santa Fe and Tucumán – Tafí del Valle.

The basic information corresponds to special processing of the 2001 and 2010 Census.

The only change in these cities and the rest of the country is that adults, adolescents and children will be authorized “to leave a radius of up to 500 meters daily” from the house.

What happens in smaller cities

The President said that in the rest of the agglomerates the management of what activities may be opened will be left “in the hands of the provincial authorities” in the new quarantine stage.

“We have gone from strict isolation to managed, which allowed 75 percent of people to remain in quarantine situations. Now begins this third stage, where we begin to take into account what has been experienced in these 35 days,” he said.

Cities with fewer inhabitants may enable new activities, and the power to do so will be held by the governors, under “strict control” by the national government.

On the economy, he recalled that the Government is “working at all levels” because “the pandemic generates conflicts” in all sectors, but he asked again not to fall into the “false dichotomy of economy or health.”

Meanwhile, Fernández stressed that classes are still suspended, as are public and private social, cultural, recreational and sports events, in addition to shopping malls and tourist activities.

One of the newest points was the authorization for adults, adolescents and children “to be able to leave within a radius of up to 500 meters” from their homes every day, even in large urban centers.

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