In Mar del Plata, the sea lions took advantage of the quarantine and went for a walk around the port

While the sea ​​lions are part of everyday landscape in the port of Mar del Plata and it is common to see them in the Banquina de los Pescadores, given the lack of people due to the mandatory quarantine by the coronavirus they took over the streets and were seen in large numbers.

This was reflected in a video that reached TN and The People. They are lying sunbathing on the streets surrounding the place. José, the user of the citizen journalism portal who shared the images, said that in 1994 the species was declared Mar del Plata Natural Monument. The most outstanding feature of the colony is the existence of exclusively male specimens, which qualifies it as “unique”.

He also explained that it is characterized by being a continental colony of approximately 800 males, which mate on the Uruguayan coasts.

But this is not the first time that we tell that in the absence of people, animals win the streets. Rhea were seen in Bahía Blanca, foxes playing in the garden of a neighbor of Ushuaia, ducks in Córdoba, coatis in Misiones and yacarés in Formosa.

Written by Argentina News

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