in La Plata, controls smell control for motorists

Municipal inspectors have motorists smell certain fragrances on cardboard or bottles to certify that they have a sense of smell

The Municipality of La Plata began this Friday to implement in the vehicle control operations a smell test to detect possible cases of coronavirus, since one of the symptoms of that disease is the loss of that sense, reported a municipal source.

Spokespersons said municipal inspectors have motorists smell certain fragrances on cardboard or bottles to certify that they have a nose.

Enrique Rifourcart, Health Secretary from La Plata, explained that it is a “fast and innovative method that is used in other parts of the world.”

“If people have any alteration in smell, they are given a chinstrap, their temperature is controlled and they are asked to comply with the quarantine. At the same time, a telephone check is made every 6 hours to see what new symptoms has to see how to continue the treatment, “he said.

The official maintained that “the idea is to detect asymptomatic cases to prevent the virus from continuing to be transmitted through those people who do not have the typical symptoms of an infected person.”

Rifourcart added that the fragrances used for measurement are “alternating”, but that products with “strong smells” are preferably chosen.

In this regard, the secretary of local Citizen Control, Roberto Di Grazia, specified that “the operations are deployed surprisingly in areas of high vehicle concentration” and detailed that “multiple posts will be established to carry out the aforementioned olfactory tests.”

Yesterday, the Buenos Aires city of Chacabuco became the first municipality in the country to implement this type of smell control, at the entrances to the city to detect possible cases of coronavirus.

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