In 2022 the salary sought by workers increased by 102.5%

During 2022, the salary sought by those looking for work had an increase of 102.5%, a percentage above inflation that was 94.8%, according to data provided by the Bumeran employment portal.

The average salary reached $204,090 per month in December, with an increase of 6.1% compared to November, which was $192,331. According to the category of the position, the accumulated increases were 105.1% for managers and supervisors, and 103.4% for the category senior Y semi seniorand 95.4% for the sector junior.

In the latter segment, the sectors with the highest cumulative increase in the required salary during 2022 were marketing and communication, with 105.1%. They are followed by administration and finance, with 98.9%; and technology and systems, with 96.7%.

What were the highest average wages in December?

The highest requested salaries in December were $519,589 on average per month for project manager and supervisor segment leadership positions; $450,618 also for project leadership in positions senior either semi senior; and $190,502 for job risk analysis junior.

On the level juniorthe positions with the highest average expected remunerations were for risk analysis in the administration and finance sector with $190,502 per month.

Then there are civil engineering positions in the production, supply and logistics sector, with $175,692; international purchases or imports with $174,531; programming and systems with $158,729; human resources with $155,230; communication with $149,500; and trade with $125,153.

Lastly, the gender gap remained above 13.5% throughout 2022 in favor of men. This was the lowest value and it was recorded in August last year. The highest values ​​were 24.8% in April, 23.7% in February and 23.6% in March.

The trend of a greater wage gap between women and men also continued as the category of posts increases. The peak of the gap was in March, when it reached 39.6% in the manager or supervisor positions, while the lowest value for this segment was registered in August, when it fell to 16.1%.

The average salary requested by men in December was $218,806 per month, while that requested by women was $189,374.

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