In 2020, SMEs recorded the worst performance in a decade

So far this year, SMEs registered the worst performance so far this decade, as evidenced by a survey by the Ieral, of the Mediterranean Foundation.

According to the study, 72 of the companies predict a decrease in sales compared to 2019 and only six percent expect an increase.

Only electronic commerce gave an escape route to the crisis; in fact, so far this year, 65 percent of companies are selling on line.

Among companies with less than 100 employees, 73 percent were able to pay all of their salaries, 59 percent were paid to suppliers, 58 percent were able to pay all of their utility rates, and only 33 managed to pay that amount. forms your tax commitments.

Profitability also showed the worst performance in 2020, a framework in which 88 percent of SMEs considered that this year it will worsen. On the other hand, 75 of the SMEs estimated that investment will decrease and 43 percent that the same will happen with employment.

Regarding expectations for next year, while 53 of the companies with more than 100 employees expect an improvement in the general situation, only 41 percent of the firms with less than 100 employees are optimistic.

Uncertainty marks the business context. According to the Ieral, one in six companies believes that it is not possible to know what will happen to the economy in 2021.

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