“I’m going to set fire to you and your children”: the audios of a man who threatened his ex-partner and ended up arrested

The acts of gender violence have not stopped since the mandatory quarantine began. On the contrary, they grow. Since total confinement began there was at least 20 femicides and calls to the telephones to report cases increased. Yesterday, a woman, already not knowing what to do, for fear of threats from her ex-partner, sent the WhatsApp audios that she received to her cell phone to a prosecutor and the man was immediately arrested. The event occurred in Glew, southern Buenos Aires suburbs.

“I don’t give a damn about you and your perimeter, I want my things. I will not leave you anything “, one of the audios he sent you begins. As you could know Infobae, the man had already been denounced by the woman and due to this, the Justice had placed a restriction so that the man could not approach. “Perimeter or non-perimeter I will go and I will execute you and the gil who is with you, did you hear? I’m going to set you on fire, with the kids, with everything ”, He kept getting more emboldened.

Judicial sources maintained that the man was already being investigated for several previous acts of violence against his ex-partner. The woman after ending the relationship with the now detained managed to rearm her life and is in a relationship. But the man continued to harass her and she became a danger due to the tone of the threats she began to execute.

Tomorrow I will go (to the house). Notify the police. Tomorrow when I return to work I am going to go there and I am going to look for my things. Whoever it is. You bitch daughter of a thousand bitch, do you think the police are going to stop me? ”, the man continued that in less than six hours, after the woman sent the audios to the prosecutor Marcela Juan, from UFI No. 16 specialized in gender violence in Lomas de Zamora, he ended up being detained.

“Don’t you understand that I’m not interested in going to jail? What part don’t you understand that doesn’t interest me?”, the man finished.

Within hours of sending the messages, a group of police officers knocked on the door of his home to take him into custody. In the case, the prosecutor Juan intervened with the court of guarantees No. 8, in charge of Gabriel Vitale, who acted with speed.

According to sources in the municipality of Lomas de Zamora, calls to the phones to report violence in quarantine increased by 40%. In the same way that complaints to Line 144 from the Province of Buenos Aires increased 60%. Eight out of ten calls are from women who suffer domestic violence and the danger is increased by the confinement.

The last of the facts that came to light was that of a woman who was killed by her ex-partner with a shotgun to the face. in the door of his house in the Buenosairean party of Florencio Varela. The 48-year-old perpetrator was arrested.

The femicide occurred on Friday night at the home located at 500 Paisano Street, in that district, and the victim was identified as Paola Pereyra. According to witnesses quoted by police sources, everything happened when the woman’s ex-husband went to the house where she lived along with her two children and her current partner.

The man called Ernesto González, appeared at the victim’s house to bring food to her children, from her extinct relationship with Pereyra. However, when the woman came to the door, there was an argument and González shot him in the face with a shotgun.

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